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Why Should You Post A Picture Of Yourself To Get Girls For Dates?

In a previous article I touched on some of the most popular places online where women post their pictures and dates, along with the best dating sites. But one thing that seems to be an eternal problem when it comes to meeting women is that many guys either post their photo on a dating site which is totally out of place, or they are just plain inappropriate for a dating scenario. Since I have seen countless guys pose in front of girls online for months, I have decided to compile a list of the top dating sites for guys to post their picture and dates on, and how each one is different from the others. Hopefully this list will help you better find dates.

I don’t know if any of this has ever happened to you, but when I was younger, I remember going to the mall and posting pictures of myself on MySpace. And sometimes I still do. But what I mean is that over the years, as you may have noticed, pictures of yourself have become out-of-place, along with other outdated information. It’s kind of like when old-school opening doors used to be red, or with actual light bulbs. The reason I bring this up is because the whole dating scene has evolved, and now anyone can post a picture of themselves, no matter how old-school or out of date their picture may be.

Pictures of college guys have been out of vogue for a while, but recently they have started to come back, especially on college blogs and social networking pages. Why? Because it seems like college guys are starting to realize how much fun it is to go out on dates, even though they may not have the money to go out every night. For these guys, the idea of getting laid at a bar or club is just too much of a risk.

Ok, enough about that. Now I want to discuss why you should post a picture of yourself to get dates. You see, posting a picture of yourself on a dating site is actually a pretty good marketing strategy. The reason why is because it tells people that you are not the type of person who goes out on blind dates, that you are more likely to take one or two “safe” trips out of your city before settling down into a long term relationship.

Now why is that so great? Basically, since girls and guys tend to go out on dates, we all know that they often complain about the horrible service and the crappy food. Well, posting a picture of you in your bikinis gives you a totally different vibe. It tells girls that although you might not be a million dollar pick-up artist, you do care about the people you date. Plus, it’s kind of cute how girls often complain about the food at certain places since the food there is not usually that great and there is not enough variety. By posting a picture of you in your bikini’s, you’re showing girls that not only do you care about the people you date, but that you can take care of yourself and still look great.

Just remember this; if you want to get a lot of dates, act like an alpha male. Stop posting pictures of yourself in your underwear, stop complaining about the food at certain restaurants, and start acting like a total package. By doing so, you’re opening doors to potential dates that you would not otherwise be able to open.

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