Flowers and Fancies is a local delivery service that provides flowers and gourmet plants through the United States and Canada. “Owned and operated by Baltimore since 1971”, Flowers & Fancies feature the best selections of exotic plants and flowers from exotic growers around the world. Specializing in same-day and delivery orders, private functions, weddings, corporate occasions and flower deliveries to your door!

With same-day delivery available, your favorite flowers are not going to sit around and rot. Your arrangement will be ready when you are! And that’s important, because flowers are a food service provider, a way to say “please forgive me!”. When you send someone flowers with a gift card or through the mail, they’re going to remember you. That is what flowers and gourmet plants are all about.

Flowers can be used for many purposes. In addition to their beauty, they are also practical. A bouquet of flowers can be sent to a friend or relative on a special occasion. A wedding, birthday or anniversary just makes good sense. A large or lavish bouquet can brighten up a door and bring joy to everyone who walks through it. Even if it’s just to say “hi”, it’s a good idea.

A bride who has spent months planning her wedding will appreciate receiving flowers in advance. If you know she’s going to give a spectacular ceremony, the last thing you need is to have a bunch of flowers in your garden right before the big day. Sending flowers lets her know you’re worried about her and prepared to share your joy. It also lets her know you’re confident she’ll turn out the way she’s supposed to.

Of course, not every occasion calls for flowers. Sometimes we simply want to buy a few plants for ourselves. Gardening is a relaxing hobby that provides plenty of enjoyment. There’s nothing wrong with giving gifts of gardening supplies – you’ll always have plants at home, even when you can’t quite afford a full garden.

Whatever your motivation for gardening, be sure to take the time to browse the vast array of gifts available. You may be surprised at how many new plants you’ll find that inspire you to plant more. Even if you’ve already got a garden, there’s never a lack of inspiration. A garden is your haven, your sanctuary, so make sure you include flowers when choosing gifts. They’re sure to mean even more once you start planting!

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