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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Hello friends! Today I am bringing you a little bit of fashion from our official Fashion Partner, Karadise Boutique, and this time I am talking about tops to pair with denim, specifically the new Dark Mid-rise Flare Jeans by KanCan.

The moment I put these jeans on, I was immediately transported to the early 90s when skinny jeans were a thing from the seventies, and boot cut denim was all the rage. These jeans are absolutely golden for several reasons.

1.) The amount of stretch is spot on! There isn’t too much that leave jeans baggy by the end of the day, but enough to fit perfectly to your shape in a flattering manor.

2.) The waist isn’t too high or too low, it hits in the perfect place slightly below the belly button.

3.) The wash is gorgeous! The dark navy looks sharp therefore is easier to “dress up” than lighter washes.

4.) No holes! Although I absolutely love jeans with shredded bits here or there, mainly because it makes me look a little “cooler” than I probably am, it really is nice to have a pair of jeans that is clean and sophisticated.

Okay, when it comes with knowing what tops to pair with jeans, you really don’t need to worry so much because honestly, the basic rule is: anything goes! (I’m showing you a selfie version and a “pro” photo version so you can see how it looks from several perspectives. I think this will help you decipher what will look best in your personal wardrobe.)

The most simple option is adding a neutral shell on top like this Mocha Ribbed Scoop Neck from Karadise. Everyone needs to know what color(s) neutrals look best on their skin color, so you have an easy go-to when needing to make a fashion decision. If you aren’t sure what neutrals are best for you, be sure to reach out to Kara and her team for help. They are always excited to assist you. The Ribbed Scoop Neck is an excellent option because it is a touch dressier than a basic tank, but fits similarly. I paired it with the Coco Taupe Platform Wedge which manages to have the airy-ness of an espadrille but with sophistication brought by the vegan “snakeskin” leather.

Next you can always add to the Dark Mid-rise Flare Jeans and Wedges, an easy cami and colorful kimono. This combination brings an artsy flair to your flares. #seewhatididthere The Dark Flare jeans are the perfect background for the busy print of the Paisley Navy Kimono. Navy, citron, white and gray bring colorful whimsey to your streamlined jeans. This look is the PERFECT transition into cooler weather! Not ready for jeans yet, but love the kimono? Pair it and the cami with denim cut-offs and these booties. Or, wear it over a swimsuit at the pool!

Next is this DYNAMITE off-the-shoulder top, straight from Charlie’s Angels. Seriously. I put it on and felt like Farrah. I love the bright colors and asymmetrical stripes. The sleeve bands are attached to the top portion and mimic the fluttery bodice ruffle. The bright orange and yellow pop really well against the dark wash of the denim. Friends, this top is just FUN! Truly, how often do you get to wear a top that the sleeves are “off the shoulder” too?

And finally, the Garden Pink Floral Bodysuit.

A bodysuit!!! It’s so much fun and comfortable. (Guys, forgive me, but I only have the selfie of this one.) This top is soft and feminine and  so comfortable to wear. Pair it with the Dark Flares or even a denim skirt for a simple casual look that is soft and pretty. Wantt to wear it to work? Pair it with gray trousers and it quickly looks polished and professional.  You MUST head over to my Instagram and watch all the stories today for the Try-On Tuesday where I go over all of these items and tons more. When you get the story where I’m wearing this look, I mention that it really needs a belt but I didn’t have one from Karadise with me at the time. Well, I ran up to the store and tried it on with this one, and it looks adorable! I feel like an entire blog post is coming about the Silver Rhinestone Belt, so definitely stay tuned.

Friends, enjoy jeans this fall–> I actually go way into detail with our next magazine about the jeans from Karadise. If you haven’t yet purchased a subscription…be sure you do!

Make it a beautiful day, friends!


To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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