When longevity is your yardstick by which you measure relationship success, eharmony is OkCupid is an avenue that you need to check out. You probably know how MySpace has always been spoken about as the leading early stage of web presence popularity? Well, eharmony also a journey dates way back even before theirs. It was actually launched in the year 2021, so three years ahead of MySpace. In fact, it continues to gain more popularity on the Internet even today.

eharmony vs okcupid

So what makes eharmony appealing to individuals? It offers you the best options for your dating needs regardless of your goals, preferences and lifestyle. It has a compatibility system that lets you get the most attractive matches for your needs. And, perhaps the most attractive feature of eharmony is their casual dating sites.

EHarmony offers both premium and casual dating sites. Premium dating sites are much more advanced and comprehensive while casual dating sites are meant to be more convenient. With the premium membership, you get the convenience of instant matchmaking, chat rooms as well as group casual dating. With the casual membership, you are only allowed to make connections within your community. But, with premium membership, you get to meet other individuals outside of your community.

So, is eharmony better than OkCupid? Well, they do share many of the same attributes including affordability. But, they differ in some important areas. While OkCupid is purely based on age and relationship status, eharmony looks deeper into your hobbies, goals, interests and social life. In addition, they offer a much larger assortment of online dating sites that eharmony simply cannot match.

Overall, both of these dating sites cater to different segments of the population, but there are clear advantages to eharmony. The biggest advantage is that it provides its users with more options, which can make meeting someone more enjoyable and successful. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship, a one-night stand or a casual dating site, eharmony has everything that you need.

However, OkCupid uses its “chemistry” matching engine much better. Its matches are generally more compatible since it goes out of their way to find those individuals who have similar interests and values. This can mean that you will find matches that share similar hobbies, goals, and other aspects. So, it may be more difficult to find someone with the same interests as you, but it may be easier to find someone who shares the same values as you. Overall, both eharmony and OKCupid have a leg up on casual dating sites in terms of compatibility.

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