It depends if the person you are dating is Greek from Greece or Greek from abroad. Greeks from abroad have been raised in western culture and tend to follow western tradition, while Greeks from Greece follow their tradition more strictly.

For example, many girls in Greece live at home until they get married, unlike most other countries.


As for the general lifestyle perspective Greeks tend to be more close-minded than most other countries.

Socially though, Greeks are very outgoing and love to party, so if you want to go out for dinner on Saturday night with your partner you’ll probably find it hard on an empty stomach.

Most Greeks enjoy their food so eating out is common on weekends or whenever you feel like it.

But I’ve also been to a few Greek events where people play music and dance all night long, so if you enjoy dancing or want activity on a date, Greeks definitely know how to have fun.

They don’t play games either, if they are interested in you they will tell you pretty quickly. If they aren’t interested they will also let you know, so no wasting time.

What do Greeks like on a potential date?

As I said before, usually Greeks look for someone who shares their lifestyle and religious beliefs.

Greek men are very proud of themselves and expect the same from their partners as well as loyalty.

If you want to date a Greek man you need to be prepared for him to take the lead on every aspect of your relationship.

What are some habits Greeks should avoid when dating?

Greeks tend to stick with their own people so if you are not Greek they probably won’t have much interest in getting to know you, unless it’s friendship.

If you want a Greek to take interest in you, then being Greek is the only way.

Greeks are very passionate and have a lot of energy so if you don’t like drama or someone who likes to fight often without any reason, avoid Greeks because this is their nature.

Also, Greeks tend not to show affection as much as other countries, so if you are looking for someone who kisses and cuddles all the time, consider your search over.

What type of Greek man would make a good boyfriend?

Socially it really depends on where he lives because Greeks from abroad tend to follow a more international lifestyle which includes the way they treat women.

Greeks from Greece tend to follow their traditional lifestyle more strictly.

For example, if you are dating a Greek man from Greece there is a high chance they will expect you to wait for them until they propose marriage or move in together, which may take years.


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