The Open Path Psychotherapy Collective was started by psychotherapists who realized that there were many people for whom traditional psychotherapy, while effective, did not give optimum satisfaction. Traditional psychotherapy assumes that there is a right way to act or have an opinion, but the reality is that human beings are very complex creatures, and they have their own ways of getting what they want from life. The desire for material possessions, the need for approval and the need for security lead many humans to turn to psychotherapy in an effort to gain the answers that they seek from outside sources. Yet, in the process, they leave themselves vulnerable to the pain of rejection and the frustration of an unsuccessful treatment. What’s more, in the rush to get things accomplished, some traditional therapists exacerbate the problem by assuming that their clients have the wrong questions, or they are asking in the wrong ways.

open path psychotherapy collective

The Open Path Psychotherapy Collective was founded on the premise that psychotherapy and mental health should be able to exist in an amicable partnership with the people involved in their own treatment. For this ideal to be realized, the psychotherapy collective offers its members free psychotherapy consultations where they can speak openly about their problems and how they are dealing with them. Through these sessions, the collective aims to help each member realize that psychotherapy is about the individual and not about society or those who “care” about him or her. The psychotherapy collective believes that there is a great value in being able to say that you are in pain without expecting others to do the same. This frees the client up to accept help when it is needed.

The mission of the open path psychotherapy collective is to provide clients with the skills they need to address their problems and to move on with their lives. In the process, these people learn to let go of the shame associated with their problems, which allows them to feel more empowered. Clients realize that their problems are not the result of something lacking in them but are instead the result of a series of personal choices. They find that the work done by the psychotherapy collective allows them to make choices that benefit them and others as well.

One of the ways that the psychotherapy collective works is that its members learn to offer one-on-one psychotherapy consultations in a safe and supportive environment. Members are encouraged to express their fears and to seek help when they need it. The psychotherapy community values one-on-one sessions and sees them as vital to clients who want the support of a trained psychotherapist in their lives. As such, these members are given training in skills such as hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy so that they know how to give sound and reliable advice.

Some of the techniques taught to members of the collective include open path psychotherapy, client centric psychotherapy, and mind/body psychotherapy. Open path psychotherapy refers to the psychotherapy approach that looks at mental health from an “out-of-the-box” perspective. This view views mental health from an external source rather than starting from within the client’s own mind or body. Client centric psychotherapy approaches psychotherapy from the perspective of treating the individual patient. This means that the collective seeks to first understand the client and find out what motivates him or her to seek treatment.

The other type of psychotherapy offered to members of the psychotherapy collective is what is known as client centric psychotherapy. In client centric psychotherapy, the psychotherapy collective seeks to understand the underlying reasons why a client seeks psychotherapy in the first place. This approach makes client centric psychotherapy more effective because it understands that clients can only be helped by psychotherapy if they truly need it.

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