“Hearts on Fire” is a coming-of-age story written by David Shannon and featuring his young protagonist, older man, Blue Eyes (Brad Pitt). The movie begins in the slums of Mumbai, India where a young man named Amrita (Seyed Muhammad Zakari), fresh out of college, is having problems managing her newly acquired wealth. After being mugged by an unknown stranger she flees to a nearby hotel where she meets up with Blue Eyes (David Strathairn), an older man who offers to help her in any way he can. Shortly into their relationship, Healy (Robert Downey Jr.) decides to give Amrita a tour of his home so she can see if there is any trouble following the incident. Shortly thereafter, Healy gets lured by Blue Eyes (Brad Pitt) into his apartment in order to have sex with her; while doing so, Healy accidentally stumbles upon Amelia (Diane Lane), another woman that he had been keeping tabs on.

The Older Guy is first spotted by Blue Eyes while he is out with his new girlfriend, Blue Face outside of Healy’s apartment; Healy catches up with Blue Eyes and beats him there, however, on the way back to his apartment, Blue Eyes manages to steal Healy’s briefcase containing much information about him including the identity of his real name and address. When Healy is confronted about the theft, he tries to run away, but Blue Eyes chases him inside the apartment. As the chase continues, Healy snaps and starts acting violent, at which point Blue Eyes grabs him by the throat and forces him to tell him everything about himself, even his true identity. Later that day, Healy is picked up by his associate, Amelia, whom he had met at the dance bar and taken to be a potential date; when Amelia asks him about the details of their relationship, Healy is overcome with guilt but is unable to tell her anything.

From here, it is easy to see how this story would go for any older guy dating a younger man. While the story does not go into detail as to how he managed to date a younger man (as many stories do not), Healy did state that the age gap of 4 years between them was enough to prevent any future disagreements. While there are no details as to how he met Amelia or whether he thought she was an appropriate date, as the story evolves throughout the novel, it becomes clear that Healy did indeed have some sort of feelings for her, which is why he decided to meet her and subsequently beat and restrain her. The same can be said for how he handled the other women that came into his life.

So, the question is, how exactly could this story be used by a man who is just approaching his prime? Well, the answer is simple: use your imagination! Because if you are someone who is approaching the end of your youth, you may not necessarily be interested in finding someone to share your life with. If you are someone who has been single for your entire life, then dating sites or other dating options may not be for you.

However, if you are someone who has dated one or more younger women and feel like you have found someone who is right for you, then you should consider yourself very lucky and this is your chance to get what you want in a relationship. If you choose to use this story to your advantage, then it is very possible that you will attract that man of your dreams to you. That said, what if you are the type of woman who feels like dating an older guy is not for you? Well, that is also ok. Here are a few things you can do:

You should realize that while these two scenarios sound eerily similar, they are actually very different. While an older guy may be interested in dating someone older, you can be sure that the boundaries that he is setting out on are ones that you are comfortable with yourself. So if you are single and have been looking at online dating options for some time now, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider using online dating sites to meet that special older guy. Just make sure that you keep in mind that dating online can be risky as well, so make sure that you are up to date on how to use online dating to your advantage. After all, it is your life and your future – don’t risk it!

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