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“That’s it! Feels different, doesn’t it,” my instructor finally affirmed during my 9th class at Club Pilates. Afterwards, she told me I was a different person than the previous week. I was making the mind-body connection required to do Pilates correctly and it showed. My confidence soared! 

I humbly admit, a mere week earlier the same instructor directed me with cues, “stitch your ribs”, “pull your belly in” and I was not making the connection to implement her instructions AT ALL. At the end of that class, she suggested I consider a private lesson or two. Though I diligently did 100 crunches every night on my exercise ball, it was apparent how much I did not know about using my core muscles. 

Instead of feeling disheartened in those early classes, I was encouraged by attentive instructors. I grew in muscle awareness by consistently attending a variety of classes and experienced changes that were surprisingly as much mental as physical. This was beyond any expectations I had when I attended an Intro Class in my quest to increase my fitness and find relief for low back pain.  





Going into my third month at Club Pilates I fully embrace and love what I am learning. Here’s why: 

 Personal Attention and Instructor Expertise 

The instructors are highly trained (400+ hours required), and most have years of experience beyond that. Class size is limited to 12. The instructors are constantly observing and guiding with cues and individual corrections, as needed.  

Did I say Cues? 

The slightest adjustment in your body position can entirely change the feeling of a movement. This equates to a better stretch or more isolated and correct working of your muscles.  

The Reformer Machine and “play area” 

Each person has a Reformer Machine and “dance space”, as one instructor calls it.  It’s fascinating how much you can do with this equipment!  No two workouts are alike, so no fear of boredom! Every class has a different focus and each instructor brings their own personality, keeping every experience new and fun. Did I just say that? It really is fun!  

It’s a Lifestyle 

I didn’t understand this at first, but I can best explain by quoting an instructor who said, “What you do in 50 minutes at Club Pilates is training for the rest of your day.” 

This reality is what most caught me by surprise. You cannot mentally check out in Pilates class. Focus toward mind-body connection is essential. The beauty I discovered is that the awareness acquired in class carries with me throughout my day. For me, that means less low back pain, better posture, more focus, strength and confidence. The Club Pilates classes and instructors have become a key component in my pursuit of living a balanced, beautiful life.  

No matter what your dreams or goals, I wish you a beautiful life in 2018 and always! 

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