toothbrush at my place

Toothbrush in My Mouth, You Don’t Have to Leave a Toothbrush at My Place

I don’t remember when I realized what I had been doing wrong. It must have been around middle school or high school, because this problem got so bad that I seriously considered not dating at all. This just didn’t mean that acted like other kind of teenagers did. At one time, the guy I was dating three other guys who all looked almost identical. All shorter than 5″ 10, with huge comical beards, wanting most of all to call him a boyfriend and leave a toothbrush in his place.

You can imagine how that went on for the next couple of months. He would show up for dates and I would show up with a toothbrush. I would get suspicious when he would go out all dressed the same way every night. At the end of it all, he admitted that he was using a dating app and that he was seeing other girls.

I thought about kicking him out but he said he was too good looking, so I guess I had to date him. We went out for burgers and hotdogs and I asked him if he used a dating app. He said no, so I assumed he wasn’t one of those gorgeous athletes he was talking about. The next morning he came into my apartment with a handbag and a bunch of papers. I asked him why he had so many documents in his hands and he said he had just come back from a soccer game. I asked him if he used a dating app and he said he hadn’t and there were some women from his team playing on another team.

I confronted him about the truth of what had happened but he didn’t admit anything. He just laughed and said that he was sorry and then broke down into a fit of anger again. He accused me of being a stalker and of making fun of him in the past and of leaving the state because of all the attention I was giving him. I asked him why he had to use the dating app and he said because he thought it would make our relationship ended there. It wasn’t funny at all to treat him this way and I ended the relationship ended there.

If you or someone you care about is a victim of a toxic relationship, then I hope you will be open to these ideas. You may not realize it but your behaviors are actually contributing to your misery. If you continue to allow your toxic behavior to take over then you are only setting yourself up for a horrible ending. So here’s what you can do to fix a toxic relationship.

The reason I’m telling you all this is so that you can start putting a stop to these types of things from happening to you again. You don’t want to let yourself be hurt like that again. If you don’t like the way that this happened to you in the past and you want to get yourself out of the victim role, then you need to understand what causes this type of behavior and how to break free from the mind closing tactics that abusers use. Once you learn how to break free from these mind closing tactics you’ll feel empowered and you’ll know how to deal with any type of abuser whether they are a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

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