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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good morning, friends!

Today I have a couple of fun things to go over.

First, if you haven’t yet purchased your tickets to the Downton Abbey movie premiere hosted by TAOLB, there are a few tickets left. Now listen, I know when you see the seating chart, you might think: “Oh no. They don’t have 2 seats left together.” or “I don’t want to sit on the front row.”…and I get it. But it is such a fun group of ladies attending, you will love whomever you sit by. Also, at Moviehouse & Eatery, there really isn’t a bad seat. The first row isn’t right up on the screen like at other theaters, and the lounge chairs recline pushing you even farther back. I really don’t want you to miss all our Downton Abbey movie shenanigans because you are worried about the seats. Don’t worry at all and get those tickets today. You can buy them by clicking here.

Okay I also want to remind you that Moviehouse & Eatery has incredible food and cocktails made in their scratch kitchen and full service bar, plus all the normal movie candy and popcorn that you’re used to. Here are a few of my favorite salads from their menu. But stay tuned, because their new fall menu rolls out soon and I’ll share it with you prior to the Downton Abbey movie event.

Don’t forget to get your tickets today before they are all gone.

Secondly, friends the September magazine publishes NEXT WEEK! It’s at the printer right now getting ready to ship out to all our current subscription holders. This is what it looks like.

The theme for this issue is Fall Farmhouse. (Didn’t Moments by Maredith take such a gorgeous picture of Lorie’s Blackberry Sparkler?)  I’m so proud of this issue and believe there is real, usable guidance on beautiful living, personal culture, farmhouse sensibilities, and fall inspiration. If you are not a subscription holder, may I ask you to be? You can always view the digital copy online, and I am happy to have it available to you there. However, there is so much benefit in getting offline and holding something real. From the paper we print on, to each photograph selected, to the layout, the order of content, down to every word written, The Art of Living Beautifully magazine is beautiful piece of work and an experience in itself.

You can purchase the remainder of 2019 + 2020 by CLICKING HERE.

If you already hold a 2019 subscription, you can CLICK HERE to renew for 2020.

Hope you have an exceptionally wonderful Thursday, friend.

To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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