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Rompers and Lace up sandals

Anyone else here love a romper?

I found this one at Nordstrom a few weeks ago while shopping for Hoopla and fell in love with the racer back and cool blue and silver colors pattern. I honestly don’t wear many patterns, but the banded hemline and drawstring waist made this one a touch more flattering.

Rompers and Lace up sandalsRompers and Lace up sandalsRompers and Lace up sandals

Rompers are very lightweight and easy to wear making them the perfect Summer uniform. They can be dressed up with heels or wedges or down with flip flops or a fantastic pair of lace-up flats.

…or with the gorgeous lace-up stack heeled sandals. Love??!!

Rompers and Lace up sandalsRompers and Lace up sandals

Maybe its because I studied ballet for ten years as a child, but I absolutely love any kind of shoe that laces around the ankle–making this Summer’s hugest shoe trend my personal dream come true. I feel like some sort of cool ballerina mom prancing around the grocery store…though even just seeing that sentence written tells me that I am far from that. Plus I don’t often prance.

Too much jewelry in the Summer tends to make me even hotter, so I really stick to delicates more than anything else. The new triangle lariat from our own S&D has become my Summer go-to. No fuss, no weight, no brainer! Plus, if you don’t own a pair of Isadora Hoops (in gold and silver!!) get to ordering! Hoops look great on every face shape and are so versatile they are the perfect complement to any outfit, any time of day, any occasion!

Rompers and Lace up sandalsRompers and Lace up sandals

The ultimate Summer clutch of the moment comes in the form of the City Slim which boasts embroidered rafia. Whether dinner on the patio in downtown Dallas or sipping cocktails beach-side while gazing at the Pacific, this clutch will take you there in style and can hold all your necessities inside!

Rompers and Lace up sandals

Rompers and Lace up sandals

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photo credit: patrizia montanari

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