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The Spill: What’s inside my handbag?


One of my favorite emails to receive each week is called The Spill, from I love this gal!! She is such an incredible combination of beauty and brains. Her website is dedicated to inspiring #womenwhowork and provides information about balancing work and home, work fashion, tips to business negotiations, simple weeknight meals etc…

Here are a few examples of her Spills:


Each week on The Spill, a different woman in business spills the contents of her purse and talks about her favorite products. I am always so curious what other working women keep with them at all times. So today, I am spilling with you.

1.) Stella and Dot Slim Pouf in Black/Gold; also available in Metallic Leopard


Although the slim pouf was probably made specifically to hold cosmetics and long brushes, this is the perfect size pen/pencil case! Last fall, I decided to go old-school and return to a paper calendar instead of the digital one on my iPhone. I only write in it with pencil in case plans change, and you probably know how difficult it is to find a sharpened pencil when you need it…most often I have to settle on a broken crayon I fish out from beneath a seat in my car.


Papermate Sharpwriters are the BEST pencils–thank you Sadie for introducing me!–they are mechanical without the “clicking” so no need to keep a pencil sharpener with you.

2.) My iPad


So up until about two weeks ago, I did not own an iPad. Shocked? I decided to use part of my promotion bonus when I hit Associate Director to purchase a mini for myself and I LOVE IT. I have it in a case by Kate Spade that actually has a mini wireless keyboard included! This is perfect for me when I’m working on-the-go and at my Stella and Dot Trunk Shows. Is it just me or does your pointer finger get a little “sore” from poking the screen???



3.) Stella and Dot Tech Wallet


Besides the Getaway Bag, the tech wallet is my favorite thing that Stella and Dot makes because of how much simpler my life is because of it. Keys, wallet and phone all in one place. Score! It comes in two sizes to fit iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as lots of fantastic colors and prints. Some even have a crossbody strap!! My navy and cream stripe is sold out right now, but there are lots others to chose from. FYI: My 6 Plus still fits in the phone compartment with a cover on, but it does not snap.

4.) Blank Journal


I actually hoard blank journals. Since I was a young child, I have always kept a diary…although now they are more like prayer journals. You can usually find them all over my house, and I try to keep one in my handbag as well to write down daily to-do lists. You may find scribbles amongst the pages from certain mini Palmers that I know.

5.) Susan Posnick ColorEssential in Marrakesh


You girls know how much I love Susan Posnick Cosmetics, and this lipstick in Marrakesh is the perfect nude shade. It can be sultry for evening with a smokey eye or subtle for daytime with a tinted moisturizer. Don’t forget the ColorDuo Lip Pencil which easily manipulates the color to red if needed!

6.) Portable Phone Charger


This is a new little trinket I purchased just last week for one of my Stella girls as a gift…so naturally I bought myself one. Not only do they come in several darling patterns, but they only take a couple of hours to charge completely themselves. It provided my iPhone 6 Plus with about 60% battery life after I left it plugged in for 2 hours; the iPhone 5s can charge to about 80%. As much on-the-go work I do with Stella and TAOLB, this has really become a lifesaver when I forget a phone charger or worse, there is no plug around! PS I purchased my phone case from

7.) BlueSky Monthly Agenda 


Like I said above, I decided to return to using a paper calendar last fall because it makes keeping track of trunk shows much more simple. Specifically a calendar that shows the entire month over a two-page spread. Planners with spirals typically break or the pages become stuck in the little twisties, so I found this one at Target that is bound like a book and I love it. Nothing super fancy, but very effective.

8.) Usually several pairs of sunnies!


When Stella and Dot launched sunglasses this Spring, I took it upon myself to purchase them all…as well as an extra hard case in the Palm Springs Print which I absolutely love!!!! I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I like to chose my sunnies based on what I’m wearing.

A few other things I like to carry with me in my current favorite handbag:

flash drive//Thieves Sanitizing Spray//Pilot Precise Pens//highlighters//and usually a few ninja turtles or other random toys…

Stay tuned for my beach/travel bag spill!

-ciao for now-


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