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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Well good morning McKinney!

Today I feel a genuine sense of pride in sharing this McKinney treasure with you. Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of getting to know the staff and family behind The Shot Spot in McKinney – a family-owned, full-service pet hospital. I’ve personally witnessed the passion and desire the Cox family has for serving our community and I am thrilled to have a business (and a family) of this caliber as one of McKinney’s own.

On June 5, 2017, The Shot Spot (located at 1827 W Louisiana Street) opened its doors to the McKinney community. The Shot Spot offers affordable state-of-the-art treatment and care for pets. Having affordable options for pet care is of the utmost priority for founders Dr. and Mrs. Danny Cox. “Years ago, one of our patients – a dog named Bear – was hit by a car in the middle of the night,” Amy Cox shared with me. “When Bear’s family learned the life-saving surgery was more than they could afford at the 24-hour emergency clinic where Bear was taken for treatment, they had to make the choice to put Bear down, a practice commonly known as economic euthanasia. The clinic didn’t offer any other options.” When Dr. Cox and Amy heard this news, they were devastated. As a result, they decided economic euthanasia would never be the only choice for one of their patients again.

Affordable, quality pet healthcare has become synonymous with The Shot Spot name. Financing, payment plans, special pricing for spaying and neutering, and discounted treatment plans for local animal rescue associations are just a few of the ways The Shot Spot financially helps the community and local pets. “We love animals,” staff doctor Michelle Smith told me, “and we will do everything we can to get them the care and treatment they need.” Friends, this pet hospital is right here in McKinney! Do you understand my pride now?

On top of the affordable care offered at The Shot Spot, families will find Board Certified Surgeons, laser therapy, orthopedics, and other progressive practices like the use of hemp oil. Pet owners will also appreciate the in-house ultrasounds for faster results and diagnoses. In addition, The Shot Spot offers non-surgical neutering which, as Dr. Smith explains, uses an FDA-approved product to completely eliminate the risk of infection, exsanguination, and mitigates pain from the procedure. The Shot Spot truly is a one-stop hospital!


While visiting with The Shot Spot crew, I had the opportunity to interview Lead Vet Tech Stephanie Deaton who is licensed to work with exotic animals – this includes handling, critical care, and husbandry. Although I almost had a heart attack when someone brought their pet rat into the waiting room (where we happened to be chatting), Stephanie was thrilled to see her next patient.“You can’t always rely on information found online, so definitely bring your pets in to see us. Your vet is always the most trusted source of information.”

Before my departure from The Shot Spot, Dr. Smith assured me regardless of breed or type of treatment needed, everyone on staff desires to develop a relationship with you and your animal, “Your pet will see their doctor at each visit, and we really try to limit referrals outside of The Shot Spot hospital.”

I imagine there are more than a few of you who have new puppies and kitties coming from Santa this year. Take advantage of having access to a high quality, highly affordable pet hospital nearby, and take your newest family members to see Dr. Smith, Dr. Morrow, and the staff at The Shot Spot. Don’t forget, creepy-crawly animals are ALWAYS welcome!


You may have seen the fleet of Shot Spot trucks driving or parked around McKinney. These mobile clinics are out Thursday-Sunday and offer well-visits to those looking for convenient and affordable pet care on-the-go. A licensed veterinarian, tech, and logistical assistant are stationed at each truck and – although no surgeries are performed in the mobile clinics – each one is fully appointed with anything you would find when visiting The Shot Spot brick and mortar building. No appointment is needed when visiting a truck and, friends, may I encourage you to check the calendar at and experience this unique form of pet care that the whole family will truly enjoy!

Find The Shot Spot on their website, Instagram, and on Facebook.

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