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From the desk of Deanne Paul, Ambassador for FOREVER®

Welcome to a brand new start. We flip open a crisp blank calendar and look to the year ahead. Like every year before, 2019 is full of unknowns and endless possibilities. It’s time to close one chapter and move on with hope to a new. Part of this “turning over a new leaf” is the practice of making resolutions.  

 New Year Resolutions are believed to date back as far as the Babylonians over 4,000 years ago. It was their custom to make promises to the pagan gods and felt by keeping those promises, the gods would grant favor upon them. For early Christians, the first day of the New Year became a time of looking back on past mistakes and resolving to do better. Making resolutions is a practice that is still very popular today, and often involves looking inward at personal goals and self-improvement. The practice has even expanded with some fun new twists on the age-old resolutions of losing weight, getting organized, or keeping a budget! 

 Choosing a word of the year has become one way of threading a desired focal point for the year to all aspects of life. Some call it the un-resolution because instead of making promises that are so easily broken, a word brings focus toward growth and change. It becomes an action or idea to strive for. In 2016, I chose the word “peace” and in 2017, my word was “intention”. I must say these words stayed with me all year, while resolution “promises” have often been unfulfilled. Lauren recently shared that her word for 2019 is “Favor”.

 If you want to choose a word for the year, start by reflecting on a characteristic you’d like develop, or a person you admire. What characteristics do they have that you’d like to emulate? What qualities do you desire for yourself? Choose ONE WORD that resonates in your heart.  

 Another fun twist I learned about a couple years ago is to choose a patron Saint to walk with for the year. In 2018, I learned about and from the life of Saint Claire. In 2019, Saint Monica has come to be the person with whom I will journey. Like a word that represents a characteristic or practice we’d like to develop, the saints exemplify so many virtues that can provide inspiration and strength in our own lives. We can learn and be encouraged by those who have walked before us in this life journey. 

 If you’re still looking for ideas and inspiration through the resolutions of others, here’s what some of our local business owners had to share: 

 “We are lucky to be a family business and spend time with each other daily, but this year we will try to spend more time with our extended families.” 

Kristen and Alex Lanio, Owners 

 “To capture the essence of a simple life, where conversations are cherished, mugs of coffee are sipped rather than guzzled, and where time is of little consequence. To cultivate a slow life where the racing ends and living begins.” 

Coryanne, Owner 

 “We want people to continue shopping with us and say they truly enjoyed a unique and fun shopping experience – so much so, they can’t wait to tell others about it…. We’d love to see you in 2019!” 

Lori Hanes, Owner 

 “As an educator and full time member of two bands and one gypsy musician collective my favorite resolution for 2019 is to update my resolutions. Seriously I like to collect endings, shave and haircut? Two Bits! I like to keep my students, band mates and audiences on their toes. It’s time to update the stockpile.” 

Anthony Nagid, Owner/Educator Piano Dojo

Pianist/Music Director 

 “It’s the end of the Ballemarina Studios inaugural year and I couldn’t be happier with the response of the McKinney community! Running a combination ballet and yoga studio comes with quite the collection of things, tutus, yoga blocks, costumes, and meditation pillows just to name a few. Oh yeah, and glitter! My 2019 resolution is to improve my system to keep it all organized and accessible.” 

Marina Gwynn 

Owner / Educator Ballemarina, Children’s Ballet & Adult Yoga  

Vocalist  Cafe Society Band  

 Whether you are making a list of goals or resolutions, choosing a focal word, or a saint to walk with in 2019, we wish you a year of peace and joy.

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