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Good morning McKinney and Happy Monday to you!

I hope your weekend went well and you are ready to face this week feeling rested and refreshed. Today I actually had a “hole” in my editorial calendar and didn’t have anything scheduled to publish. I thought about today’s post constantly over the weekend, and couldn’t decide what to write about. Last night I finally realized either I would figure it out first thing this morning, or else we would have a “skip” day.

As I wrote in my prayer journal this morning, I remembered an idea I have been toying with for The Art of Living Beautifully and decided today was the day to make that happen.

Almost three years ago, a friend of mine published on her own blog a post about prayer. She asked her readers to post in the comments specific prayer requests so we could all pray for each other. My father was in the midst of open-heart-surgery, and I remember begging for prayer in the comments of her blog. Three years later Daddy is still selling ranches and feeding cattle. I know some of the prayers I received that day were part of the reason for this blessing.

2018 has already been an incredible year for my family, but we have heard so much sad news recently, and I am continually reminded of how many people need prayer. So today I want to open up the comments for your prayer requests.  Whatever it may be, whether for you or a friend, go ahead and leave it in the comments below and I PROMISE it will be prayed for; certainly by me, but also by other readers that come across this post and see it.

You can leave broad requests or super specific ones. All are welcome! When I am praying for something specific, I like to do a little research and assign a Bible verse to that request. Bible verses are God’s word, and are such important reminders of His truth. Brian and I found out late last week that our sweet friend was just diagnosed with leukemia. She is married with two little girls and is now undergoing aggressive chemo at MDAnderson in Houston. The verse I assigned to her prayer request is Jeremiah 33:6:

[bctt tweet=”Nevertheless I will bring health and healing to it, I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security. Jeremiah 33:6″ username=”TAOLBtweets”]

So now, each time I pray for my friend, I say that verse as a reminder that of the Lord’s ability and desire to heal those that are sick. If you need help finding verses for specific topics, my mom gave something called The Bible Promise Book, and I am constantly referring to it for verse ideas.

Blessings to everyone!


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