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Well, it’s Friday of an incredibly long week and I think all of us are ready for the weekend. Next week I am doing TWO Giveaways so definitely stay tuned for those as well as some Style Wheel love and Cool Stuff I Found at Sam’s : Entertaining Edition.

I’m excited to have joined the Southwest Blog Society–I guess this means I’m officially a blogger now–a title I have shyed away from until recently. I’m a bit ashamed to tell you it was my impression that many bloggers were supermodel hopefuls who like to see and share beautiful pictures of themselves on the internet. I could not have been more mistaken. So many are like just like me with a passion for beautiful clothing, cooking and life, and use a blog as a means to share their thoughts with whomever cares to listen. I look back at my life to one year ago, and see such important changes in myself. Last year, I had an almost 4 and almost 2 year old. I had nothing to think about other than kid stuff, and although I felt and still feel blessed to stay at home with them, it was difficult to have nothing of my own. Nothing adult. No outlet. I was on autopilot, merely going through the motions to survive each day.

And so I decided to begin writing about the things I enjoy and feel passion: cooking, fashion, entertaining, gardening and faith. The Art of Living Beautifully has become a faithful friend on which to focus when the kid tending gets to be to much. Inspiring others to Live with Purpose, Faith and Beauty has become a personal goal with each post and has driven me to run far beyond what I know, and directly into the exciting, beautiful world where we live.  I write and word-smyth and click ‘Publish’ every few days and have no clue who (if anyone) ever reads my words, but the process has been cathartic. It has inspired me to wake up; to take control of my life; to love where I am.

Thanks to all of you who have supported this little year-long endeavor so far. Here at the six month mark, I have realized that in the midst of trying to survive these crazy Littles, they along with Brian, have actually overtaken my soul and given me the greatest Purpose. Provided innocent but unwavering strength to my Faith. And exemplified rowdy, lovely Beauty.

-ciao for now-


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