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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good morning, McKinney!

Today I am sharing with you my most favorite leggings of all time…and they are SPANX. These certainly are nothing new, and many of you probably have heard of and/or tried them before. But for those of you who haven’t, THIS POST IS FOR YOU!

I ordered my first pair of SPANX leggings last fall.

I now own 4 pairs.

These leggings are really well made, are very flattering, and come in a wide variety of colors and textures. They can be worn several times before you wash them, and then I just lay them out to dry. Easy maintenance = YES!

The first pair I ordered were the faux leather ones–which were actually inspired by the leather pants Olivia Newton John wears in the last scene of Grease. Do not even worry if you legs are nothing like Olivia Newton John’s. SPANX hold you in really well. Like, realIy well!

I wore the faux leather leggings this past Saturday night for the Christmas party I hosted at my house. I paired it with a flow-y, bell-sleeved top, cool heels and my favorite chain necklace–remember from this post –Ā Leopard Skirt and a T-shirt? (Top is old, but here is a similar one.) I tried to take a picture of a close up of the material so you can see a little easier. They have a shiny, almost rubbery texture, which I know sounds weird but is actually really cool.

NOTE: Forgive the smudge on my mirror. It makes the knee of my pants look dirty in several pix. I assure you they aren’t. šŸ™‚

After this initial pair, I ordered the motorcycle legging. Basically it is made of the same material, but with motorcycle pleated detail on the thigh and calf. You can see in the picture below.

I’ve worn the motorcycle legging with big bulky sweaters as well as with crop jackets and tennis shoes in the past. But for the upcoming holidays, I’m planning on adding a Christmas T-Shirt, this sequined bomber jacket, and booties. Doesn’t this look fun and festive? (Christmas t-shirt is old, but here is a similar one.)


So after ordering these first two pairs, I snagged a pair of velvet ones–which are MOST DEFINITELY my favorite. Friends, these are so comfortable, I could wear them every single day. On Friday night, we attended 4 different Christmas parties. I know. Crazy. But I wore these leggings with a chunky, oversized sweater and loved the look. I even switched from heels to Adidas tennis shoes half way through the night, because one of the parties we attended was in a barn with uneven flooring, and the whole ensemble still worked perfectly.

The sweater came from Karadise in Adriatica Village, and I’m really wishing it came in more colors because it is so stinkin’ soft and a great length to pair with leggings.

And then pair #4: the camo legging.

These are brand new that I ordered just a few weeks ago and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They have a slight sheen like the faux leather ones from above, but with a subtle black camo print. (They also come in green camo which are really cool.)

How fun do these look with a varsity sweater and black high tops? Again, this sweater came from Karadise in Adriatica Village.

Friends, whether faux leather, motorcycle, velvet or camo, SPANX leggings are your answer to the holiday season. Truly, I have not purchased one new dress for Christmas parties this year. Instead, I’m dressing up my SPANX leggings for parties and get togethers. And the best part is, unlike cocktail dresses, you can wear SPANX leggings again and again!

Which is your favorite pair?

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