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The Entryway

I am one of those people who really enjoys change. Brian is the complete opposite…change is the best way to evoke a frown from him. Humph!

Particularly, I enjoy changing the décor for the season…not just with seasonal decorations, but to rearrange books, knick knacks, vases and picture frames is always a refreshing way to begin anew. Today I’m showing you how I changed my entry table for Spring (sorry I forgot to take a before picture.)

A designer once told me the entryway to your home should reflect the theme of your family. I’ve never really thought much about what our theme is, but I interpreted this as the entryway is the introduction to your home and who you are. Who is your family? What are your interests? What elements are important to you…etc? I usually have a stack of these three fashion books: Vogue Covers , Vogue: The Editor’s Eye and Ultimate Style: The Best of the Best Dressed List (because…obviously.) A current picture of James and Caleb and a second one of Brian and me can be found, as well as something organic. A vase of fresh flowers or palm fronds are a colorful addition and soften the hard surfaces of the table and wood floors.  I like to burn a Nest candle in my entryway too–Nest candles are the ABSOLUTE best! They burn evenly. They last at least 50 hours, and they fill your entire home with the loveliest fragrances! #NestIsBest

Well, after a cold, dreary, snowy winter I was ready to bring a little Spring into our home. I filled this beautiful ice-bucket-turned-vase with bright yellow floral branches, olive branches and curly willow sticks, and set it atop both of Anne Neilson’s coffee table books: Angels in Our Midst and Strokes of Compassion. Two bunny figurines sat beneath the branches; a nod to both Easter and Spring-time. On the opposite side, two little bird nests filled with eggs sat beneath three mirrored candlesticks. I love using décor that doesn’t have to be removed once the holiday is over! As opposed to the typical pillar candle, I found tall votives filled with yellow candles to sit atop the candlesticks. Y’all! These are my new favorite unscented candles for several reasons:

1.) They can be found at Target.

2.) They come in tons of colors and several sizes

3.) They are only $1.54 each!!!

4.) These are the perfect candles to put outside in lanterns or around your patio or on the outside dining table. Because they are enclosed in glass, if melted by the summer heat, it won’t make a disgusting mess! I LOVE THESE CANDLES!! I only found two colors available online, but there are lots more in the store.

An olive branch wreath originally purchased for the front door, was an interesting layer when leaned against the mirror. Using this wreath as well as the olive branches in the vase is an excellent way to tie in with my Easter tablescape…my dining room happens to sit just across from my entry table.


I would LOVE to see how you are decorating your home this Spring! Follow me on Instagram, and post your favorite Spring décor–make sure to #taolb!! You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Bloglovin!

-ciao for now-


photo credit: Patrizia Montanari

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