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Good morning and Happy Wednesday to you.

Can I tell you why I am so excited about today’s look? I am excited about today’s look because the 3 components of this outfit (excluding the Brio Tassel) are already somewhere in your wardrobe. Seriously.

A pencil skirt.–this one I bought probably 8-9 years ago.

A solid silk top.–3-4 years ago.

A statement shoe in an eye-catching color.–Okay, I did splurge on these recently but most of you probably have at least one pair of killer heels in there somewhere. If not, you should invest.

Yes it is true that my office is just about 10 steps from my bedroom. I do work from home–or any place with wifi–but I take myself more seriously if I look the part. I don’t think anyone would ever find inspiration from a Stylist who was always in gym clothes.

Plus, it brings me lots of joy to style-smyth.





Leopard print. For hundreds of years animal prints have made ┬álasting impressions on our fashion senses. Want to hear something ironic? ┬áRegardless how “wild” or “edgy” a reputation animal print has, even the most fashion (self-) conscious feel comfortable wearing it. Church ladies. Teachers. Fashionistas. Librarians. Celebrities. Bankers. Waitresses. Marketing execs. Attorneys.

Animal print is the universal pattern of female. Whether a scarf or a skirt or heavy winter swing coat, everyone should boost the animal print presence in their fashion repertoire.

Try the Park Slope Scarf:

Here I paired a leopard pencil skirt with a simple silk top with gathered sleeve detail. The high-waist component becomes more visible by tucking in the front of the top and leaving the rest draped loosely around the hips. I like to employ the “casual tuck-in’ to make any look a bit more relaxed.

Accessorizing with our own Brio Tassel Necklace and matching tomato red heels are what makes this look a true stunner. A bright pop of red is ALWAYS appreciated.

Ladies incorporate some red into your neutrals this fall.

Incorporate some animal print into your red this fall.

Yes, you can.

You can do it!

-shop the look-

Brio Tassel Necklace

Celine Wrap Bracelet in Gold

Sophie Earrings

Hazel Ring

-ciao for now-


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