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From the desk of Lauren Palmer-This article was originally published in our Summer 2020 magazine

“The Blueprint Experience steps in where other gyms have failed.” – Casey Venters

As a former college athlete and tenured personal trainer, Casey Venters—owner of The Blueprint Experience (BPX)—has a unique perspective on exactly what is missing in the physical fitness industry. While working as a personal trainer for over 15 years, Casey saw many members give up and normalize pain when the gym didn’t address their mobility, stability, or functionality issues. “I saw firsthand the disconnect between the healthcare-clinical world and the fitness world.” Mobility, stability, and functionality are key elements to proper fitness. By addressing these elements, people can experience pain-free movement and balance, something so many hope to achieve by visiting chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors. “Rehab, essentially, is personal training. And The Blueprint Experience provides expert guidance and training specifically to address these foundational issues.”

Blueprint is unlike any gym you have ever visited. A required FREE “10-day experience” allows the staff at Blueprint to better understand your physical fitness needs by conducting a consultation and in-depth strategy assessment. A full metabolic analysis provides a tremendous range of metrics—including organ function, RMR, and metabolic efficiency, to name a few. The results of the analysis allow the staff at Blueprint to customize a corrective exercise program and meal plan tailored specifically to what your body requires. The results also show what percentages of cardio, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and strength training are appropriate for you. “Our technology provides a customized fitness schedule for each member. Maybe you need cardio Mondays and Fridays, and strength training on Tuesdays. While someone else needs strength training 3 days a week. This removes the guesswork of what to do and when. No longer will you feel lost in your fitness journey.” The 10-day trial also includes a FIT3D full body scan, foot mapping, and functional movement screening as well as full access to the state-of-the-art gym equipment at Blueprint. An in-depth fitness blueprint is available for you! Truly, what are you waiting for?

Along with becoming the connective tissue between the clinician and the “what’s next”, Casey wanted to provide a place for passionate young professionals to make a true career. “I’ve seen so many talented personal trainers burn out due to a lack of guidance or stagnation in salary.” The onboarding process for staff requires rigorous one-on-one training with Casey and then continuing education classes each month. When working with the staff at Blueprint, you can be assured these professionals are knowledgeable, well-treated, and well-compensated. The Blueprint Experience Credo even states, We pride ourselves on compensating employees better than our competitors.

The data shows 15%-18% of Americans have a gym membership, and only about 20% of those Americans actually use their membership. The Blueprint Experience has tailored its gym for those individuals that truly value health by providing an experience unlike any other in the country. If you are living in pain, if you feel lost on your fitness journey, if you are looking for expert guidance and a customized health plan, reach out to The Blueprint Experience today and get started with your FREE 10-day trial.


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