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From the desk of Lauren Palmer~The Art of Wanderlust was originally published in The Art of Living Beautifully magazine, Summer 2020 edition

An alarm clock buzzes. The dark house is suddenly invaded by the glow from lamps and overhead lights, and the soft percussion of a shower’s spray beats down on the stiff shoulders of someone who desperately needs a vacation. Zippers zip. Grins are sleepy, yet genuine. A small knot presses against the diaphragm either due to hunger in that early morning hour, or perhaps a twinge of excitement about the trip ahead. Ideas of what the day will look like are relatively firmhoweverregardless of the destinationmornings prior to travel are full of anticipation because no one truly knows what off-roads will be taken or chance meetings will occur. This is what yields excitement. A journey, this journey, is the ticket to freedom from normalcysomething we all need from time to time.  

Speaking as someone who was born and raised in the same town where she decided to build her adult life, I can easily attest to the positive impact that strong, foundational roots can bring to our lives. Just as adamantly, I can factually state that a change of scenery is necessary for sanity. Yes, there is safety in establishment, and consistency does breed confidence. However, if we aren’t intentional in varying our experiences and tendencies, our everyday just might begin to look like the day beforethen the day before that…and the day before that. Dissatisfaction. Disenchantment. Discontentment. These emotions are all likely when the days run together in habitual white noise. Want to know the scariest part? Often, we don’t even realize it is happening. Enter Personal Culture: The Art of Wanderlust. 

A journey abroad in 2003 to Florence, Italy is what brought this wanderlust insight to my attention. The extreme variance in my surroundings gave me the eyes to see a new world and way of lifeI was completely recharged and inspired by the foreign beauty around me. Partaking in exotic foods and customs was an introduction to culture that forever transformed my day-to-day life into one with an enriched personal culture that would include frequent, intentional changes in my surroundings. As I mentioned in our Summer 2019 magazine, “My time in Florence had broken the exposure barrier and coupled my wide-eyed whimsy with a newfound desire for a change in energy that a new place brings. It was wanderlust, and it prompted my depth of field to become 3-dimensional, textured, substantial, and alive.”  

Through the content provided on The Art of Living Beautifully platforms, I encourage youour readersto purposefully design your personal culture to refrain from living on autopilot. A change in scenery is a key component of personal culture design. If Shakespeare’s words are true that all the world’s a stagethen travel transports you to a new stage with a set that’s different from that to which you are accustomed. Take in the scenery, adapt, enjoy the change, and allow yourself to grow by partaking in unrehearsed scenes. Use the new energy to fuel fresh habits and a modified mindset. So much positive energy exists in the world, energy that drives and stimulates our own life force and desire to magnify and share our gifts with others. Chase the energy by traveling. Harness what you find to stimulate the change you are gifted to ignite.  

Road trip. Spend the night with a friend. Rent an Airbnb. Rent a cottage. Rent a van. Book a flight to Italy. Book a flight to Austin. Journey to a state park, a wildlife preserve, or to the World’s Largest Pecan—it’s in Seguin, Texas, y’all. Go to the beach. Go to the mountains. Take your show on the road and adventure. And friends, use all aspects of travel to initiate gratitude for the life you are living. There is always a reason to say Thank You to the universe, wherever in the world you find your feet planted. 


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