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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

I recently began working with a life/business coach because I was feeling stuck internally, and this was greatly affecting my external world: business, relationships, work patterns etc… The program my coach teaches is based on an interesting concept: at some point in our early childhood, we develop a lie about ourselves that becomes the truth on which we base our lives. His coaching walks us through identifying the lie, and the reprogramming needed to think, process, receive and give information without using the lie as a filter. We do this by recognizing and understanding the Truth, that I am a Child of God.

Within our first 2 sessions we identified the lie I had been believing all these years, and it was true, its presence and acceptance as truth had just about affected every interaction, every thought I’ve ever had. The identification of this lie was a little earth-shattering but so liberating, and I began thinking about the lie and what an abomination it is to God’s creations. As I continued to consider lies, I realized how easily something untrue becomes our truth. It happens so quickly, without our realizing, and now that I’m aware, I am angry I allowed something so ugly to have such control.

Lying has always seemed to me as the “gateway drug” to all sin—sin being anything that comes between me and God. For this reason, the number one rule in our house is we do not tell lies. It is ironic that I teach my boys not to tell lies but have said nothing about believing them. Why haven’t I taught them how to discern God’s voice from any other one? (John 10:27) And when it comes to who and what they are, do they know the Truth and how powerful it is, that they too are Children of God. (1 John 3:3)

As I reflected on this, I began writing, as I often do, to process all this new information. I began discerning the purpose and presence of a lie and ended up writing the below thesis. Today’s message: Do not accept a lie as Truth. Discern His voice, His Truth over any other. Be prepared and be strong. Pray for protection and for wisdom.


Hello. I’m here. You let me inside, probably because it suited you, or because you weren’t focused, or because I spoke in a voice that mimicked truth. I come as a soft whisper, a private secret between us that might even feel good to hear. At first. Some call it “crafty.” I call it hysterical.

Like the pliable body of a snake, I sneak into cracks and am ready to present myself when threatened or vulnerable…that is, when you feel threatened or vulnerable. My presence is rhythmic, a repetitive incantation in your ear that sticks like plaque to your delicate veins, growing larger and more overwhelming until finally, you no longer notice my intrusion. I just am. I’ve tricked you with my sweet, syrupy voice to believe the concept of your entire existence is reliant on me, making me your truth, and through me you filter everything you see, hear, and do.

I do this to each of you. If I don’t, He wins too easily. I’m here to scare you, to steal your life, to distract you from the fight, to prompt self-destruction. You’re more powerful than I since He lies within, but your “beliefs” aren’t always foundational which makes you gullible to whatever I whisper. All I have to do is enter your realm. You, unaware and unprepared, allow me to act as the baseline. 

His sword is mightier than my presence, but you don’t use it. Do you even know you have access? His Word is protection against me, but do you read it? You have forgotten what you truly are, which is one with Him, but do you recognize this? No. You do not. You do not know your Power. And so, I continue my attack. I strike your mind. My venom spreads like acid and trickles into every thought. It hardens into a sticky shell, coating your senses, bringing others who get close to you into the misery. You are derailed from the job He created you to do, as are they.

And I go about slithering in the dirt where you choose to lay instead of rising up on Eagles’ wings away from my hiss.

In response to this I quote my Savior from Matthew 4:10: Get back, Satan. 

And then I laugh at his proposed power over me. The description of himself is accurate, as are the reported distractions. However, who I am and Who I am one with, by definition, could never be overpowered by a snake who wallows in the dust at my feet.

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