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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Recently I’ve begun checking books out from the library in an effort to engage in tasks that promote mindfulness as opposed to succumbing to the digital trance I often find myself in. Can I get a witness??

Last week I checked out a book I’ve actually read before called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron about unlocking creativity. This is one of those books with so much information that I’m taking furious notes out of fear of forgetting something, and in fact, am also listening to it on Audible to account for any nuggets missed while reading.

In Week 2 of the study, the author describes an element of life that could be blocking our creativity and that is our involvement with Crazymakers, those with storm center personalities that cause destruction in the lives of those around them. Below is a list of additional traits Crazymakers often have. (In the actual book, there is a description next to each trait, so definitely take a peek if you are interested in learning more.)

Crazymakers expect special treatment.

Crazymakers discount your reality.

Crazymakers spend your time and money.

Crazymakers triangulate those they deal with.

Crazymakers are expert blamers.

Crazymakers create dramas–but seldom where they belong.

Crazymakers hate schedules–except their own.

Crazymakers hate order.

Crazymakers deny that they are Crazymakers.

I found this chapter partially hysterical at the conception of Crazymakers, partially enlightening to past long-gone friendships, and partially mortified at the thought, “Have I ever been a Crazymaker?” Please, God, no!

Consider yourself warned: Be Aware of Crazymakers.

And more importantly, use these definitions of Crazymakers to promote self-awareness. Be (self) aware not become one.

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