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from the desk of guest blogger, Unique Unique Design

Come along as we take a trip to a wonderland of extraordinary and age-old treasures. Where? It’s that magical shoppers delight called Texas Antiques Week in Warrenton and Round Top. It’s located between these 2 quaint towns on Hwy 237 between Austin and Houston. Every Fall and Spring, vendors and buyers alike descend on this quiet stretch of road and transform it into a bustling place of commerce!

Traci (UUD design assistant) and I (Unique Unique Design owner) started our journey on a cool sunny day just north of Dallas. Heading south on I45, we had high expectations of finding great treasures. We had our obligatory Buc-ee’s stop, then on to the Woodlands, where we enjoyed great accommodations and company during our stop at my brother and sister-in-law’s home.


Early the next morning with 2 more in tow, we headed for the show. We did find our treasures and so many more. Big Surprise!! Sometimes you find what you didn’t know you were looking for! HeeHee!! Example of past goodies found down there: life size mermaids from an old parade float, 5 very large screens from a French factory, a huge old concrete mold of a swan, Turkish birdcages, a late 1700’s conquistador saddle rack, and the list continues! No surprise we found things for our homes, props for styling and garden items for the Garden Party we hosted in April with TAOLB.


round_top_warranton_tx  round_top_warranton_tx  round_top_warranton_tx


Lunch both days was at Bader Ranch. They weren’t open that 1st day, but the chef said he’d prepare lunches for us anyway!! They even threw in a complimentary bottle of champagne. Did I mention what terrific people are down there?


For 24 years, I’ve seen this show grow from the main Round Top show with everything else focused around “downtown” Warrenton, Zapp and Bar W. I’ve seen the start of Marburger Farms, Excess and Excess II, The Compound, Blue Hills, and now Market Hill, and so many more!

We’ve met and gotten to know so many wonderful vendors – Alan, Gina, Lanny, Lonny, Billy, Judy, Doug, Corina, Michael, Donnie, Debbie, Danny, Mark, Brian, Demir, Gloria, Hans, Ken and on and on, all displaying their fabulous finds!!!


The show goes on in downpours, wind, thunderstorms, freezing temps, HEAT, and gorgeous sunny days. After all, this IS Texas, folks!

If you haven’t been—GO! If you have, GO again! You never know what unbelievable treasures await you!

Happy Hunting!

Marcie and Traci for Unique Unique Design

Thanks TAOLB for having us contribute!

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