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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Friends, I feel worried.

I truly believe this time of quarantine can be used as a reset, that we can prompt a renaissance in our lives…but I am worried there are those of us that are so fearful, so bored, so overwhelmed, so whatever…that we are not living our lives as beautifully as we can…and when I say “beautifully”, I mean lives full of peace, fulfillment, and yes, joy.  Not to say we can feel those things all day everyday because I know  the pandemic is scary. But those elements are still needed and necessary during these times, especially during these times, and we need to be living our day-to-day lives in a manner that breeds this type of balance.

Last night I went LIVE in The Art of Living Beautifully Facebook Group about building personal culture during the quarantine. (You can watch it HERE.) I announced the publication of a Personal Culture Mini Magazine, FREE as a digital download when you visit the homepage of

When viewing digitally you can watch the instructional videos I create for each day’s lesson. It is also printable with content and the Personal Culture Map ready for you to complete in 5 simple steps. NOW is the perfect time for you to take a minute and reset. Use the map to create RITUALS to infuse your day with joy, peace, and fulfillment. Allow these RITUALS to prompt a RENAISSANCE in your life. The definition of renaissance is: an activity, spirit or time of great revival. Don’t you love that!? Don’t you want that for yourself? Don’t you want that right now!? What do you want your life to look like once the quarantine is lifted?

Access the Personal Culture Map Mini Magazine here and let’s get to work!

To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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