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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Hi friends.

How you holding up? Are you struggling with mindset, exercise, eating, hydration, sanity, patience, grace? Guess what. Me too. I’m struggling with all those things, but am doing my absolute best to find a new normal until we get back to the normal normal. I think it is important for us to wake up every single morning with the intention of being POSITIVE and having GRATITUDE. Say thank you when you set your feet on the floor and say thank you with every step into the bathroom or the kitchen or to let the dog out. Be happy that you woke up. Be happy that your family is okay. That you have food. That you have oxygen. That you aren’t out of coffee. That you can make bacon. That you have internet and a phone and FaceTime. That you have a yard and can walk outside in the grass. That you can hear birds and wind chimes and music. That you can see colors–check out this mini magazine I made as a gift for new subscribers. 10 ways to Live Colorfully!!

Be thankful that your robe is soft, that your pajamas are soft, that your kids or grandkids are peacefully sleeping in their beds. Be thankful that you have Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or a huge selection of DVDs. Turn on some music–Spanish guitar, dance, French Cafe, Pavarotti, Country, or the soundtrack to The Greatest Show. Take deep breaths and feel THANKFUL!

Love you guys! I’m thankful for you.

To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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