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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

From my friends at Wild Birds Unlimited–you can learn more about them from this article.

Five Fun Things To Do in your own Backyard

  1. Put up a Humingbrid Feeder-Setting up a hummingbird feeder near your home gives an up-close-and-personal view of this amazing bird. You can make your own nectar to fill your feeder: 4 parts water to one part sugar. This can be one cup of water and a quarter cup of sugar. Use only table sugar and never honey or other sugars or artificial sweeteners.
  2. Bird Watching / I Spy a Bird – Watch the birds for a week, and make a list of all the birds you see and where you see them: field, forest, yard, or park.
  3. Listen and observe nature– By cupping their hands behind their ears for better hearing, guide your child to identify sounds made by insects, birds or mammals. Help them learn to identify birds they see and hear in their yard.
  4. Help Birds to Build their Nests – Lend a helping hand to the birds by supplying them with simple nesting materials. Put out some mud, moss, small twigs, straw, and see which birds use the different materials for their nest.
  5. Make an Observation Blind for Watching Backyard Wildlife – Because getting close  to birds can be a challenge, drop a sheet with some cut out observation holes around some lawn chairs or over a cardboard box and let your children get a sneak peek as they approach your bird feeder or bird bath.

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