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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good morning McKinney!

Today I want to visit about something that has the potential to save many stressful moments on your upcoming summer vacations. Now I know some of you are headed to exotic beaches, European villages, Disney, favorite lake houses, road trips to see family across the US…or maybe you are staying put and will be relaxing and enjoying the lazy days of summer. Whatever your plans, I want all of you to listen to the advise I’m giving you today.


That’s it.

If your family is anything like ours, you can understand how stressful and disappointing it is when you or your kiddos get sick on or right before a vacation. Truly, it is so difficult to know what to do when someone comes down with fever or a sore throat at such a time. Should we go to the doc? Can we even get an appointment? Should I try a doc-in-the-box instead? The answer is Physician 360! These at-home tests have completely changed our lives. Remember when I wrote about the strep tests here? Well, I still feel just as grateful to this DFW metroplex-based company for making our lives so much easier, and how exciting that they now offer 4 at-home tests: Strep, UTI, Flu, and Anemia!

Last summer, I was at the pharmacy and saw the Physician 360 at-home tests on display. When I picked one up to investigate, I discovered for the simple cost of a test (between $39.95-$49.95) you not only receive the test, but also an audiovisual consultation with an actual doctor…all from your smartphone!!! The physician is able to send an electronic prescription to your pharmacy of choice immediately! No waiting on hold for an appointment. No loading up sick people into a car. No waiting rooms. No waiting once in the exam room. No family members getting sick, or sicker, by being exposed to germ-y doctor offices. None of these annoyances exist when you rely on Physician 360!!

Did you know Physician 360 saves you both time and money compared to the alternatives?

-Average Minute Clinic Visit: $135-$200 for the visit
-Average Urgent Care deductible: $150 for the visit
-Average Emergency Room deductible: $250 for the visit
-Average Primary Care office visit: $35 for the visit

The app makes it easy to add family members…You can update weight, allergies, current medications at any time. Thanks to the Physician 360 app, at the first sign of sickness a test can be given, medication called in, and be on your way to wellness almost immediately. Truly friends, do not even consider heading out to your summer plans without some Physician 360 tests. Now that I’ve found them, I keep several tests in the medicine cabinet just like I do aspirin or band-aids.

Again, how amazing is it that the founders of this company live right here in DFW!? Friends, Physician 360 is offering to waive regular shipping on all tests ordered through June 30th when you enter the code “TAOLB”.

Take advantage of this incredible offer and stock up! They will be shipped right to your door just in time for your summer plans.

For those of you leaving soon, click here to find pharmacies near you that carry these incredible tests.

Thank you, Physician 360 for sponsoring this post.


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