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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good morning my friends!

A few weeks ago I published an article called The Art of Social Media Responsibility, and was pleasantly surprised to see how well it resonated with many of you. It has been on my heart to lead some sort of detox on The Art of Living Beautifully because I believe that social media is really taking its toll on many of us. Maybe we don’t engage in battles online. Maybe we keep things civil and positive. However, the amount of time scrolling isn’t beneficial to our souls either. Nor is always relying on the scrolling as a form of “mindless relaxation.” There are other, more beneficial things we can do for ourselves during that time, such as being still and quiet. (Refer to my article in the November magazine called The Art of Silence.)

As we approach one of the most special times of year, I want to encourage you to be present. Be where you are. A digital platform can be fun, but not at the expense of real life, the life that is actually happening around you while your eyes stares at a phone. See below for a little video I made about TAOLB’s Social Media 30 Day DETOX.




  • UNFOLLOW ANYONE WHO BRINGS YOU DISCOMFORT and LEAVE TOXIC GROUPS. Even if you don’t get involved in online sparring, do not make it available to ingest
  • DELETE THE APP 3 DAYS/WEEK and one day during the weekend.

And don’t forget to: TALK TO YOUR KIDS. Teach them social media boundaries, to appreciate them, and that happiness lies in real life, not a digital one.

Like anything else that you ingest, don’t forget to look at the ingredients and how often it is consumed. Don’t just receive anything and everything bc its there. Be choosey. Picky. Have enough self-awareness to discern what is good for your soul and what is not.

Enjoy this time away from the feed. Allow your soul to be present with your children, husbands, friends, colleagues, and especially with yourself. Remember what life was like before social media, harness a digital platform for the good, and prioritize the life around you.

To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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