Soccer Pick Up Lines and Soccer Dating Apps

soccer pick up lines


Soccer Pick up lines, do you like them or not? Many people do, and we get a lot of mixed messages on forums. What are some good pick-up lines to use to approach women?

It seems that all the dating sites got an update; everybody is trying to use these new pickup lines like they are on dating sites. What is wrong with dating sites? They don’t have anything better to say than that. If you look at the profile pages of all the dating sites, you will see that men and women are trying to use cheesy pickup lines. How would you like to watch Pokemon while in prison? Well, maybe not Pokemon, but while chatting to a girl who is an accountant.

The truth is that dating is a game of impressions, and it would be nice to have some dating pick-up lines for men that work. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It would probably be a lot easier to come up with something unique for a man than it would be for a woman to come up with a unique pick up line for a man. Do you know why? The male human species evolved from fish, and because fish are not picky, but you wouldn’t expect the fish in your pond to talk to you when you sit on the edge of the pond trying to put your food on the tree.

Ok, enough of that, I want to discuss my idea for dating game pick-up lines. One idea I have is using the football pick-up line. Why is it so effective? Well, first of all, it gets the girl’s attention right away, and secondly, you can change it around to make it more or less effective depending on the situation. For example, you could use this type of football pick-up line if you were going out on a date and you had no good ideas for a topic of conversation.

Try these two ideas if you want something a little more tongue in cheek; poke fun at her intelligence like poke balls. If you feel cheeky, you could try some of the Mario Galaxy references or Mario Galaxy references with a few variations. This approach will work wonders like Mario Galaxy and Mother Nature and might even get you a second date. Now then, let’s talk about dating.

If you were a Pokemon, you could say something along the lines of “wow, I am not too high tech, but my Pokedex is. You must be so bored already with all these Pokemon”, and on a bookworm pick up line, something along the lines of “My mind is as sharp as a whip, but my hands are too slow. Will you marry me?” The point being, these lines are fun, and they will get you some great results. Dating apps are fun; there are many great ones; you have to know what to do.

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