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Singles Speed Dating Site Review

Our author Madison Wi tells us about her first experience speed dating at a coffee house. She had an interesting (and yes, dare I say it, exciting!) time.

Madison Wi is originally from the Pacific Northwest and currently runs a speed dating service in Seattle. She has been married and divorced multiple times and currently serves as the personal life manager for several corporate clients. She has attended several of the local speed dating events in the past and has enjoyed the experiences, but has never actually tried the product personally. She used to belong to the local singles lock, but was told that if she ever wanted to try the product, she should get a friend to join.

So Madison began her search online for coffee house meetings. Surprisingly, she found listings of hundreds of places for speed dating. She listed them in her ad. Within a few days, a friend suggested she check them out. Madison discovered that not all the local singles meetups advertised speed dating. She was happy to see that most of them did.

The most attractive feature for Madison was the fact that she would be matched with a compatible match. She was assigned a ‘matcher’ who would contact her through email every day or so. Madison also received numerous offers from people to join her online dating service for free. She passed them up because she didn’t think she was that compatible. She had her first encounter with a matchmaker while she was at work. The matchmaker noticed that Madison was attentive during her work hours, always putting in her extra hour on the phone, and always looking forward to meeting up.

Madison didn’t waste any time getting to know her matches. She used the chat functions on her web site and started off each day by chatting with one of the members. By the third week of starting to use the chat function, Madison was exchanging emails with one speed dating Wisconsin member and two other members. She had made several new friends.

By using the online tools provided on the singles speed dating website, you can find other members with similar interests and qualities as yourself. It will not be long before you find that person who has the qualities that you are interested in. If you are serious about getting into a relationship and are ready to take the next step, it is worth it to pay the money to use a reputable singles site. As soon as you have been matched up with the right person, you will be happy and impressed that you found a quality singles site.

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