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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Good morning McKinney!

Over the years you have heard me speak often of my friend and mentor Sharla Bush, owner of Sharla’s Boutique on the downtown McKinney square. Many of you have shopped at her luxury apothecary and gift store which has graced our community for the past 14 years with an elevated standard of service and exceptional selection of merchandise. Sharla’s Boutique features several exclusive brands including Nest Candles, Nouba cosmetics, Bond No. 9 fragrances, Kendra Scott, Michael Aram and Jan Barboglio. Today, however, I want to highlight what Sharla feels most passionate about – the very foundation of her Boutique, her namesake line of skincare.

The purity and high percentage of active ingredients of Sharla’s Skincare is what sets it apart from other lines. Sharla’s Skincare is made of plant-derived ingredients and is free of any carcinogens, toxins, or fillers. Furthermore, her serums have from one to eight Ingredients and creams no more than 13. She started researching the most prestigious lines sold at luxury department stores about eleven years ago and was shocked to learn how loaded they are with carcinogens and a ridiculous number of Ingredients, making the value far less than the price. This high percentage of active peptides and ingredients causes Sharla’s products to actually work with absolutely nothing harmful! She encourages you to check the ingredients In your products at the EWG website.

Cleanse. Exfoliate. Hydrate.

The philosophy behind Sharla’s Skincare is Cleanse. Exfoliate. Hydrate. Cleanse. In each one of her cleansers, you can read, pronounce, and spell every ingredient  – all of which are seasonally harvested all over the world. Exfoliate. The gel fruit and milk acid exfoliators aren’t buffered, which means they are extremely effective and only need to be used 1-2 times a week. Hydrate. In place of a typical toner made with alcohol or witch hazel, a hydrating counteragent called Soothe and Refresh can be applied all over the body. Her Hyaluronic Hydration is the most potent form of hyaluronic available, providing the essential water and Skin Lipids restores the lipid barrier. These two are the foundation In hydrating your skin and are needed by every skin type.  Her product Squalane comprised of one Ingredient – the richest, purest form of olive oil there is – provides luxurious restoration for the face and décolletage. Many refer to these as there 1-2-3, and can be mixed together when applying.


Four different specialty serums were created to stimulate specific anti-aging actions from the skin. Stop-the-Clock is likened to a wrinkle-release agent used while ironing. “It relaxes, elongates and has a paralytic effect on the muscle which helps expression lines not to imprint in the skin,” Sharla explains. Collagen Anti-Inhibitor stimulates and activates the collagen production in the body, plumping the face without the use of salt (often found in many products). Sharla was actually contacted by UT Southwestern regarding her Cell Renewal Serum after a patient used It to heal the burns following multiple radiation treatments. Its derivation from the DNA of the Thymus gland accelerates cell production and brings new cells to the surface faster. Sharla explains, “As children, our cells reproduce every 12-15 days. As adults it’s much longer because the Thymus gland goes dormant after puberty. This product allows young cells to be seen on the surface before they are flat and aged looking.” FYI: Cell Renewal has been my personal favorite product for the past 12 years! Sharla’s Vitamin C 20% is composed of 1 strain of vitamin C – making it more effective and less expensive than other brands on the market today.

The Other Stuff

Whatever skin condition you wish to address – eye creams, neck and arm renewal, effective products for problematic skin – a solution can be found right here in McKinney at Sharla’s. Sharla would like to personally invite you to visit her store, and allow her to put these products on your face to test. Experience the difference in quality ingredients and effectiveness with Sharla’s Skincare. “Your skin is your largest organ,” Sharla reminded me, “treat it very, very well.”


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