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Today I am so excited to share some wonderful news about one of our very own McKinney business owners, Sharla Bush. In case it has been a bit since you have visited her exquisite store on the downtown McKinney square, you will be so happy to learn that Sharla’s is now offering their very own line of luxury scented candles. The collection, which consists of five initial candles, will celebrate with an official launch party happening tomorrow, April 19th from 5:00-8:00 PM.


It was two years ago when Sharla began dreaming about creating a candle line for her store, and a series of serendipitous events lead her to the owners of the first laboratory in the world to pour a scented candle. Located in Paris, France, Sharla visited the laboratory and its owners while on a buying trip, and was awe-inspired by their enthusiasm for learning her fondest olfactory memories. “From Daddy’s hot peppers growing in his garden and Mother’s jasmine covered fences, to camping with my children in the northwest with luscious moss covered grounds and towering fragrant trees,” Sharla explained to me the memorable notes that created House Number One, which essentially tells her life’s story in its fragrance. (Sharla contemplated names for the candles, but decided she wanted your olfactory senses to tell you when and where the scent should be enjoyed. As a result, she decided upon House Numbers.)


On a later buying trip to Paris, candles Number Two, Three, Four and Five were created in order to offer a range of moods within the line. House Number Two reflects passion and warmth from winter nights in the mountains to sultry evenings at the beach, combined with various woods throughout the world.


House Number Three elevates you to a sophisticated luxury with the ideal balance of spices, florals and fruits.


House Number Four transports you to an enchanted forest and the fairytale moments of your life.


House Number Five creates a relaxing environment to unwind your body and soothe your mind with its fresh grasses and gentle florals



Hand-poured in France, the quality of these candles is unprecedented. They are made of high quality wax combined with soy, and have an exceptionally high perfume count, allowing the fragrance to travel throughout your home unlike any other. Sharla Bush Candles burn for a minimum of 45 hours. No wonder the laboratory in France that pours these candles also pours for every major design house in the world!

Texas artist, Sherry Daerr, is responsible for the design on the glass and box. As the candle burns, the light shines through the front door and the window in back. Garret Palmer with Midland Packaging worked painstakingly to create special packaging worthy of the Sharla Bush Candle collection. The box is designed to look like a French house with its house number name on the front door.

“So many have been involved in helping me bring this dream to fruition.  This collection of five addresses is my interpretation of how to Live Beautifully making a every moment in your home a celebration!”    –Sharla Bush

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at the launch party for Sharla Bush Candles.

Join us in celebration of the beautiful fragrances indicative of a life well-lived!

Thank you Sharla’s Boutique for sponsoring this post.

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