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To The Art of Living Beautifully readers in McKinney and beyond…

Welcome to the September issue of TAOLB. This is our third issue to publish in 2018, and probably the most unexpected for me personally as I didn’t decide until mid-summer that this edition would promote eco-friendliness in everyday life around McKinney. Friends, the TAOLB editors and I sincerely hope the words, ideas, and statistics within these pages inspire you to make significant lifestyle changes. Those who make changes will see great benefits to their health, the health of their families, and the health of our planet. We each have one body and one earth to occupy during our stay here. Let’s treat them well, McKinney!

Back in February, I approached the crew at Patina Green Home and Market about entrusting me to tell a part of their history that had never been published before. To my great delight they agreed, and I am honored to share their story with you in this issue. Their successful mission to educate and inspire North Texans to make informed, earth-friendly decisions inspired me to really look at the impact of my daily choices.

 At one of our interviews, Patina Green co-owner Kaci Lyford told me an interesting, if disturbing, statistic that I found very impactful. It is what led me to make this issue all about green living. Plastic straws take about 1 minute to manufacture, are used for an average of 10 minutes, and take 100 years to decompose. Think about this, folks. Think about the hundreds of thousands of straws that are used and thrown out daily! Think about how many of those tiny plastic straws are used for a few seconds simply to stir coffee. Is this necessary? Can we all begin making it a habit to order our beverages with no straw, please? Can we add milk prior to the coffee to avoid the need to stir with straws? Small changes like these really will make a difference!

My article entitled Patina and Providence tells the story of Luann Van Winckel, and Kaci and Robert Lyford, and how tragedy led the trio to open what has become one of the most nationally-recognized businesses on the downtown McKinney Square. Not only is Patina Green a true destination spot for food-centric visitors, but Robert, Kaci, and Luann have also been instrumental in bringing the Real Food Movement to North Texas. It is my hope Patina Green’s story will help you discover an inner fire, a compelling reason to keep going after tragedy and heartache. It is often because of traumatic events that our life’s purpose is revealed and, as the owners of Patina Green discovered, our life’s purpose is typically much, much bigger than ourselves.

Also in this issue, Beth shows us the fundamentals of conservative yet efficient watering on page xxxx. Lorie provides 3 delicious, heart-healthy snacks that even the kiddos will devour, and Deanne takes us to the recycling plant where our recycling questions are finally answered and the numbers on the bottom of plastic cups make sense!

If you who have been following along on Misti Reed’s house flip in the Historic District of downtown McKinney, you will want to read her article about house recycling. She shares the ins and outs of renovating her family’s generations-old home, complete with before and after pictures documenting the journey.

Friends, I ask that you read this magazine from cover to cover and allow the research we have done to resonate and inspire you to make a difference in how we live and how we treat our planet. In the documentary entitled FRESH the movie, Professor John Ikerd states, “I can remember when the first supermarket came in. Those changes have come in my adult lifetime – when there wasn’t a supermarket, until there was nothing but supermarkets…just as significant changes can come in the next 50 years. We can transform the whole food system. It happens one person at a time, one farmer and one consumer at a time.”

Let’s act NOW.

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photo credit: Moments by Maredith Photography

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