The dating website, which also latched onto the much maligned tagline make dating great again; is so incredibly popular that online singles searching for a date in the Great White North have to be enrolled in a waiting list. This is according to the Toronto Globe and Mail. So, is there still hope for a repeat of the success the dating website has enjoyed?

make dating great again

The Globe and Mail reported that the website said coontz “is not just for singles” but rather that the site is for people who want to “meet new people”. So this could mean that the views expressed by the CEO of the dating website were in keeping with the government’s stance on same sex marriages and gay dating. In Canada “lesbian, gay, bisexual and Transgender citizens are protected under Canadian law,” according to The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Rights Association. Same sex marriages remain illegal in many US states, including Massachusetts.

The Globe and Mail further reported that Councillor Seary had sent out a letter to all Republican wardens and police officers stating that he would be meeting with three gay candidates to discuss their views on the gay community and same sex marriage. The three were Councillor Seary, Ward Councillor Doug Ford and former Ward Councillor Jack Silverstone. Ford and Seary told the Globe and Mail that they did not personally support same sex marriage, but they wanted to get a different point of view from fellow Republicans. The Republican National Committee had also met with Seary’s group of fellow board members. Seary told the Globe and Mail that he was planning on meeting with the Republican National Committee in September. This means that same-sex marriage could be back on the agenda of the upcoming elections.

Councillor Seary has previously told VFM that he believes that gay couples should be able to wed if they so choose. He also told the Toronto Sun that he believed that gay couples should be allowed to have children. When asked directly if he thought that the introduction of same sex marriage would affect his political future, said only that he didn’t know. Councillor Seary went on tell the Star and interviewer John McKellum that he hopes the matter will “get resolved one way or the other”.

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has closely followed The Bachelor. Many of us president candidates have been criticized for saying things that are inflammatory towards the gay community, most notably when candidate Barack Obama made statements comparing same sex marriages to the institution of slavery. Although both candidates are pro-gay, they have differing views on how the act should be legalized. The Globe and Mail quote Councillor Seary as saying that he wants the matter to be settled between the gay community and straight people before it is dealt with by the courts.

These comments from online daters consider same sex marriage to be immoral and in violation of God’s Word. Many Christians support same sex marriage and wish to see it legalized. However, this is not to say that all Christians support gay marriage or that all online dating websites are somehow approving of it.

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