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There is nothing like the relaxing treat of a manicure and pedicure, and when I pamper myself, the experience would not be complete without the personal connections made at an “old-timey” salon. I am so thankful for Salon 205, commonly likened to Truvy’s Beauty Spot – you got it… we are talking right out of Steel Magnolias. I have been going to Salon 205 for YEARS… more than 18, in fact! Over the years, we have celebrated life’s joys, attempted to make sense out of life’s tragedies, discussed hot news topics and even chatted lightheartedly about the latest in McKinney happenings. Owner, Cindy Pratt, has often chimed in on conversations and shared her stories of McKinney years ago, and the beginnings of the salon. Her husband is equally welcoming and when he is at the salon, he’ll strike up a conversation with clients as if we are guests in his home.  

 The truth is life gets busy with raising a family and there have been spans of time that I haven’t been able to treat myself to regular nail appointments. The beautiful discovery is, like a far away best friend or family member, it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been away. We pick up right where we left off. That is the sign of a real relationship and for this, I am most grateful. My nail tech, Mistey, has greeted me as if she saw me the day before, even when it’s been months since I last sat in her chair. Yes, Salon 205 offers a service. It is a business. However, life is about making genuine connections with others and I love when a business transcends into something greater than an exchange of goods or services.  The Salon 205 Facebook page states, “you will feel like family here” – this is the absolute truth. I recall many a Christmas season with the salon decked out, complete with a treat buffet to celebrate with each client that comes in for their holiday nails or “do”. It truly feels like a family party! 

 Salon 205 is located at 205 N Graves St, McKinney, TX 75069. Of historical interest, it is the childhood home of Terry Box, Collin County Sheriff who retired in nearly one year ago. He took the office in 1985 and was one of the longest serving sheriffs in Texas. When you walk into Salon 205, be sure to look for the adorable framed picture of Terry Box as a child. He is standing in front of the home and is fittingly dressed up in a policeman outfit. Perhaps it was always a childhood dream of his to become a public servant. The home was eventually made into a commercial property and Salon 205 has been at the location for 21 years. There are 14 trained hair stylists and nail techs ready to beautify you for the holidays or any day.  Stop on by to check them out… but do call ahead to make an appointment! 972-529-2005 

 Thank you to owner Cindy for her warmth and heart behind Salon 205, to my friend (and nail tech) Mistey, and to all the others at Salon 205 who have joined in on many a conversation as if we’re all one big happy family – and really, that is how we should treat each other always.  




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