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If your families are anything like mine, we begin our Thanksgiving celebration early in the day. The bar is usually open around 10:30 and everyone enjoys a colorful drink in a sparkly glass.

This year I asked my friend, Pete, to create a cocktail for my Thanksgiving Brunch menu. If we have any Bolsa frequenters, you may have had one of his incredible craft cocktails. His ruby red grapefruit tribute to Texas, called The Republic, is often found on their quarterly menu.

Pete asked if I had any requirements, and I replied: champagne, cinnamon sticks and it needs to look beautiful in a crystal champagne flute. He sent over a recipe which met none of my requirements…and it happens to be out of this world fantastic. Although he is incredible at creating craft cocktails, he actually took this recipe from a book called Shake.

If you want to blow your guests’ minds this year with a wonderful specialty drink when they arrive, serve them one of these. I like to call it a Thanksabrunch…get it!? but Pete said it’s actually called Sage Advice. His name is cooler.

Also, according to Pete, if you want to look like a total hipster bad@$% when you make these, use this shaker: (His words not mine. I, personally, never cuss.)


They can be purchased here.

ingredients for 2 drinks:

1.5 oz Art in Age Sage liquor

3 oz fresh grapefruit juice

1/2 oz simple syrup

pinch of grapefruit zest

2 fresh sage leaves, plus 2 more for garnish

Cava (which is Spanish sparkling wine)

good ice-which is basically anything that doesn’t come from your fridge. Just buy a bag of rock ice at the grocery store to have on hand.


1.) Crush 2 sage leaves and grapefruit zest with a mortar and pestle and drop into a cocktail shaker.

2.) To shaker, add sage liquor, grapefruit juice, simple syrup and enough good ice to fill just above the water line. Close the lid and shake hard for about three seconds.

3.) Strain into a coupe champagne glass and float with Cava until full. Garnish with a sage leaf.

***Your Mini Herb Bed for Fall should come in handy!

 -ciao for now-



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