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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Yesterday I asked my friend, local makeup artist Erin Blair Gobin,  to give The Art of Living Beautifully community a quick makeup tutorial on “Quick and Easy Quarantine Makeup.” Erin and I both agree there is a direct correlation between how you look and how you feel. This super simple makeup routine will definitely boost your spirits during the quarantine.  Here are the step by step instructions, but definitely watch the video (LINKED HERE) to learn Erin’s technique.

1.) CONCEALER: Brush 1 shade lighter than your skin under eyes, over the nose, and area between eyes and lower forehead. PRODUCT | BRUSH–choose brush #18

2.) BROWS: Use the tip of the wand to make little “hair-like” brush strokes that go in the same direction the hair grows. Erin only used the gel, but she often accompanies it with a brow pencil to give the shape more definition. BROW GEL | PENCIL

3.) CHEEKS/LIPS: Using your fingers, tap a little color from the Perfect Lip Balm on the apple of your cheeks until softly blended. Yes, it is a lip balm but can also be used on your cheeks. This gives a dewy, brightening appearance. Also apply to lips.  CHEEK/LIP PRODUCT

4.). BRONZER: apply bronzer to the back of your cheeks in a “c” shape and around your hairline.  PRODUCT | BRUSH–choose brush #2; or if you are like me, I love to apply bronzer with a fan brush (#16)

5.) MASCARA: you know how to do this, but Erin does give good tips at how not to make a mess of your mascara in the video.  PRODUCT

NOTE: Erin mentioned that now is a good time to step up your skin game since it can take some time for it to really start showing results. One of my favorite skincare products from LimeLife is the Masque of Zen. I put it on before I get into the tub at night and let it sit for 10-15 minutes while I soak. Then wash it off. 

Again, you can see the makeup tutorial video by clicking HERE. Thank you Erin for keeping us beautiful!!

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