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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Has this quarantine given anyone else the major itch to redecorate? Sheeeeeesh. Everyday it seems I’m moving something else around or redesigning the configuration of a room.

In our Spring magazine, Home Editor Ashley Pate gave 5 simple ways to decorate using wallpaper, and guess what…it doesn’t all paper a wall! I thought I would share her tips here in case some of you are needing a fun decorating project while in quarantine. Guys, I would LOVE to see what you do. Please post a picture on social media and tag @theartoflivingbeautifully!


1.) Powder Rooms: Small spaces such as powder rooms are ideal for audacious statements that feel too big for larger areas.

2.) Outlet Covers: If you’re not ready to commit to an entire room of wallpaper, try wrapping your outlet covers.

3.) Cover Your Books: A timeless decorative accessory is a set of books. Make a bolder statement by covering books with wallpaper.

4.) Float Frames: A creative way to showcase a sentimental piece of wallpaper is by encasing scraps in a float frame. Here is an example from a guest room I recently designed. During the renovation of this historic home, we discovered the original wallpaper and turned it into artwork by using float frames and printouts of the family’s favorite quotes. Such a beautiful way to pay homage to this 100-year-old cottage.

5.) Bookcase: Updating an inexpensive bookcase with wallpaper is a simple way to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece


And for fun, here are a few of my favorite papers available right now…tap the link to order.



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