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From the desk of Lauren Palmer


Today I want to tell you about the self-tanner I’m using that I absolutely LOVE! And isn’t this the perfect time of year for self-tanner. We obviously aren’t going anywhere + the weather is back and forth between rainy and chilly with just a little bit of sunshine here and there. Self-tanner is a must right now and I’m going to tell you why I love this one sooooo much!

Opalens Beauty

Opalens Beauty was founded by local best friends Ashleigh and Lauren, and launched last fall as the only self-tanner in the world that doubles as a skincare routine and is infused with CBD. They have 3 products, all of which I have used and all of which I LOVE! All products are made with the ópalens glów complex which consists of prickly pear oil, portulaca extract, and CBD.

The Face Serum:

Serum helps reverse the signs of aging while giving a soft sun-kissed glow. It was formulated to combat inflammation, boost hydration and leave your complexion with a healthy, radiant glow. Can apply to face AM and PM. I love using the serum at night because I wake up with a tan the next morning. *be sure to put it on before moisturizer

Watch my review of the Face Serum below:

The Body Filter:

This hydrating body makeup provides instant color and easily washes off with soap and water. It evens skin tones and blurs imperfections while providing a beautiful bronze glow that can be layered for additional color/coverage. I love the filter because it provides a quick tan if you didn’t have time (or remember) to apply The Tanning Mousse. *truly, this is probably my favorite of all three products. You can do it quickly right before you leave the house for an immediate bronze-y tan!

Watch my review of the Body Filter below:

The Tanning Mousse

Foaming mousse that delivers a gorgeous tan within 6-8 hours. Comes in 2 shades: Original and Dark, and lasts a few days. Repeated application will extend and darken your tan. *Even though I am super fair skinned, I use the Dark shade + it smells wonderful!

Watch my review of the Tanning Mousse below:

I love how easy application is of the filter and the mousse with their tanning mit. Truly, every product from Opalens Beauty goes on very smoothly and evenly! if i were you, I would invest in a starter pack because you are truly going to want all 3 products + the mit. The mit is everything, y’all!

tan by Opalens Beauty

Happy safe tanning everyone.

*this post is not sponsored by Opalens Beauty

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