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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Years ago when James was a new baby, I remember the tough nights of sleep training. I would lay in my bed downstairs at our old house and listen to him cry, praying that he would soon settle and return to sleep. My heart would break to leave him, but I was also exhausted due to not having a full night’s sleep in months…I stayed strong and waited.

During those nights I used to pray for every part of his body, starting with his head: I prayed that there were no bad dreams lingering in his brain; that his arms wouldn’t flail and would find peace, that his stomach wouldn’t feel hungry etc…and truly, before you knew it, things upstairs were quiet again.

A few years later I wrote a full body prayer for myself and am sharing it with you today. Use the prayer as needed, my friends.

Let my head bow.

Let my mind remember the Word.

Let my eyes see You all around me. 

Let my mouth say, “I love you.”

Let my heart overflow with You. You are love.

Let me recognize Your spirit dwelling in the depths of my soul.

Let my arms embrace those I love.

Let my legs carry me to those who need You. 

Guide my feet down the path that is Your will. 

Inspire my prayers.

Strengthen my faith.

Let me find joy in the knowledge of Your existence.

Grant me mercy. Grant me clarity. Grant me authenticity. 


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