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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Story taken from Very Rev. Paul Donison, head rector at Christ Church Plano

During the quarantine, our church has been providing Sunday church service online. This past Sunday our priest told a story that resonated and I wanted to pass it on to you. 🙂

Every morning a man and his wife sat at their kitchen table and drank coffee. They looked out the kitchen window and saw their neighbor hanging clean laundry to dry on the line. “Her laundry is so dirty,” the woman remarked. “I wonder why she doesn’t do a better job at washing it before she hangs it up?” This ritual continued, and every day for weeks, the woman would remark at how dirty the neighbor’s laundry was.

One morning the woman sat down with her cup of coffee and looked out the window. She was astonished, the laundry the neighbor was hanging was clean. “Oh my goodness!” she remarked. “I wonder who finally taught her how to wash her laundry properly.” The woman’s husband looked over at her and said, “This morning I woke up early and washed our windows.”


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