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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

I’m not sure what your plans are for the weekend, but I definitely think it should include stepping out to see some public art created by local artists. With the pandemic still underway (WHEN WILL THIS END, Y’ALL????) I know a lot of us are nervous about venturing out, but the four walls of home are closing in with relative speed now. Some public art is just the ticket!!

First, I would like to tell you about The MillHouse Public Art Mural Project. This is a partnership between the McKinney Cotton Mill and MillHouse McKinney, with support from the MillHouse Foundation. Resident Artists from the MillHouse imagined, designed, collaborated, and created the MillHouse Public Art Mural Project on the public-facing exterior wall at 610 Elm Street, #1000 in McKinney. These artists are Gail Delger, Dana Brock, Andrea Holmes, and Lisa Temple.

The bright floral mural greets visitors of The MillHouse as they walk up the ramp to enter this large creative space organized to share the interests of business women in creative fields. Knowing that each brush stroke, color, shape, and pattern was created by a local artists gives this piece of art such life, and a sense of unity. It gives truth to the space it welcomes visitors to. Stop by and visit The MillHouse mural! Enjoy the colors and the composition of flowers and patterns.

The next public mural is the one recently finished on the side of Fair & Square in downtown McKinney. This mural was painted by aforementioned artist Andrea Holmes, and was commissioned by Kate and Andrew Jones, owners of Fair & Square Imports. When someone graffiti-ed the exterior of their historic building on Easter Sunday of this year, Kate and Andrew turned to Andrea to transform the wall into a beautiful mural filled with Texas wildlife and wildflowers. The finished mural, which took 45 hours to complete, depicts a cardinal, a dogwood tree, thistles, magnolias, a longhorn skull, yuca, honey bees, and a Monarch butterfly to name a few. (HELLO PHOTO OP!!!) Friends, this mural is amazing and I hope all of you will make an effort to go and see it. If you love it as much as I do, you should most definitely support the artist, Andrea Holmes by visiting her website, and making some of her beautiful artwork your own. I especially love this and this. You should also run into Fair & Square and see their unique selection of Fair Trade gifts and essentials.

If you are looking for some interesting public art to which you can contribute, head over to South side of Towne Lake and see the beautiful painted rock collection lining the lake. From what I gather, a lot of these rocks are created and added by a Facebook group called “McKinney Rocks”. Their goal is to brighten people’s day by placing hand-painted rocks around McKinney. You may find the words “Keep or Re-Hide Me” printed on the underside of the rock reminding people to enjoy if needed, or to have fun hiding the rock somewhere else. Many of mini works of art, however, are made and added by everyday people like you and me, just looking to take part in their community. Messages, pictures, names, superheroes, Bible verses and the like can be found in the line of painted rocks at Towne Lake. This is definitely an activity I’m going to do with the boys and will be sure to post pictures!

Although these three spots are in no way all the public art McKinney has to offer, this is a fun place to start. McKinney has an incredible art scene, take advantage…even from the comfort of your car. 🙂












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