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The Owl Forum Cookbook was designed in honor of the club’s 85th Anniversary.



The Owl Forum Club was founded on October 10, 1933 in McKinney, Texas. Unlike other ladies’ clubs in the area, The Owl Forum isn’t designed around a specific activity or service. Instead, the purpose is really to be together. From its inception in 1933, The Owl Forum has seen value in the fellowship of women meeting with other women. It is our presence at each gathering that creates an energy to which all members contribute and from which all members benefit.

In celebration of our 85th year, The Owl Forum has compiled a book of favorite recipes, treasured both in our families and at Owl Forum gatherings. We hope you enjoy the flavors and the comfort these special recipes bring. We also hope that, much like The Owl Forum itself, these recipes will be there for you and your family through many stages of life, blessing you and whomever you serve with the sustenance needed for body and soul.


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