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I have been a bit concerned about the plans for my Potager Garden. While my dreams of growing tomatoes and squash and various herbs danced fragrantly around my head, reality of the lack of proper sunlight set in, and for a time I thought we would have to change locations. Blah!

You see, directly outside my kitchen door is an outdoor dining room. Cool right?–stay tuned for next month’s Tablescape!!! And through the dining room gate is a large patch of grass on the side of the house with nothing whatsoever happening on it. This was the perfect spot. Easily accessible from the kitchen (major plus) and in need of a little gardening attention. However, it gets almost no sunlight, so I was about to change my day dreams when BAM! Daylight Savings hit, as did the sunlight thanks to a change in the sun’s trajectory…whatever that means.


Outdoor dining room directly outside our kitchen/breakfast room door.


Outdoor dining room gate


Home of my future potager garden


So, first things first. I called my Dad. He and Sadie came over one evening and made these raised gardening beds for me. It cost right about $100 and took less than an hour for them to build two. I thanked them with a bowl of South Padre Gumbo…again stay tuned.



Sadie and Poppi working on the beds while Batman fights crime nearby.


Poppi is lucky to have helpers like James and Batman to help hand him the screws.

Poppi is lucky to have helpers like James and Batman to help hand him the screws.

If you are wanting to join me in my Potager Garden efforts, and need a little weekend project, see below to learn how to make a raised bed box.


(1) 16′ 2x8x12 weather treated pine plank, cut into four equal slabs. *They will cut this for you at Home Depot.

(12) 2 1/2″ wood screws

(4) 12-gauge angle corner supports

(16) 1″ wood screws

(1) person to help hold the planks, preferable one that is handy–like your Hubs or Dad


1.) Align two planks to create a 90 degree angle, and attach using (3) 2 1/2″ wood screws with an electric drill or screwdriver. It’s helpful to have your handy person assist you in holding the boards in place while you drill…or let them drill while you hold the boards in place.

2.) Repeat this process until a perfect square is made.

3.) Stand square on it’s side and fit (2) of the 12-gauge angle supports in both corners. Secure with (4) 1″ wood screws. Rotate the square and repeat until all four corners are secured with support brackets.

4.) Thank your handy person by offering food.

**NOTE from my handy person aka Dad: When selecting a place for your raised beds, remember two things:

1.) Make sure to be mindful of where sprinkler heads are located.

2.) If putting two beds side by side, make sure a lawn mower can fit between them.



-ciao for now-


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