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Good morning McKinney!

Today, I am going to change your life. You read that correctly. The Art of Living Beautifully is truly going to CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. I have one favorite thing today and once you are finished reading this article, you will too.

This is literally how I feel right now.

This past summer I was at the pharmacy picking up a prescription when a box on the counter caught my eye. It was an at-home strep test. Not only that, but it was an at-home strep test that only takes 5 minutes:

  • And provides “FaceTime” access to an actual doctor via a special app
  • And the doctor will call in a prescription for you
  • And the price of the doc’s consultation is covered by the price of the strep test
  • And you don’t even have to mess with insurance
  • And it’s only around $30

Are you doing the Chris Farley dance from above?

Seriously, how amazing is this?!!  My youngest son was diagnosed with strep roughly 10 times last year and – every single time – I knew exactly what it was. I didn’t want to mess with going to the doctor, but that was the only way to get tested and treated – or so I thought. I didn’t know about the Physician 360 Rapid Strep Test yet. We spent so much time and money going to doctor visits; you can imagine my excitement in discovering Physician 360!

This past Friday, Caleb was on his second day of complaining about a sore throat, so we decided to give the Physician 360 Rapid Strep Test a try. The test was positive and our experience with Physician 360 was too!

Here’s how it works:

1.) Purchase a Physician 360 Rapid Strep Test.

2.) Download the app and set up an account (you can add family members as dependents).

3.) When you suspect a possible case of strep, complete the at-home test and wait 5 minutes for the results.

4.) If positive, open the app and select who the patient is (you, a child, your spouse, etc.).

5.) Follow the directions and answer basic questions through the app regarding your/their health (such as what are the symptoms? how long have they been present? etc.).

6.) Select which doctor you want to see from the list the app provides.

7.) Wait for them to join you in the “FaceTime” type session. This can take up to 10 minutes, but only took about 3 minutes for us.

8.) Talk to the doc. Your conversation with the doc may vary, but our doc asked to see the positive test, spoke to me and Caleb, and then called in a prescription based on the pharmacy we selected when I set up the account.

9.) Pick up the medicine and give it to the patient.

10.) Feel good knowing you got tested, saw a doctor, while saving time and hassle all for just $30!

Wanna hear some other amazing news? Physician 360 was founded in McKinney, Texas by born-and-raised McKinneyite, Dr. Robert Rankins. Really friends, how proud are you that one of our own created such a fantastic product?

It is also important to note that Physician 360 not only offers a Rapid Strep Test, but also has a Rapid UTI Test and a Rapid Flu Test. You can purchase from the Physician 360 website, or they are all carried at Allen Family Drug right off of Hwy 75 and McDermott-which is where I purchased mine. You can also find other pharmacies that carry their products online.

Okay, here is your action item for today: forward this to all your friends then head over to Allen Family Drug or click here to purchase a bunch to keep on hand. You can thank me later.



Thank you Physician 360 for sponsoring this post.

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