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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

(excerpt from my journal written in late May, 2019.)

There is such promise that comes with the morning. Yesterday’s distractions and irritations are left there, and the sunrise sheds light on the potential of the day ahead. Anything can happen. You can conduct this day however you choose. Today I choose to navigate it hand-in-hand with God.

The house is quiet; empty now after the morning’s playful chaos. I sit in our courtyard and hear nature stir–just as we were only a few minutes ago. I ponder why mornings are so special to me, so valued, so prioritized.

Even as a young child I was up with the sun. During high school and college I wasn’t one to sleep late, and now as an adult, rising while it is still dark outside is my first step in a successful day. Is it wrong that I feel a little annoyed if someone else wakes early too? I want to be selfish in those moments and cherish the quiet when my soul recharges with the Holy Spirit. I want to give my first fruits to my holy father and not be depleted–even more than I was.

I often ponder and re read the creation story in Genesis…when for just a short time, the earth existed as it was intended: without sin, war, hate, temptation, enmity, and I think about the pride the Lord must have felt at the creation of that first morning.

Soft, blue light, dew-glistening grass, singing birds, light breezes…a perfect setting to prepare for a day as companion to the Lord.  These elements act as a brief reminder of that first morning created specifically to equip us with peace and harmony before the work of the day begins.

Valuable, necessary, pure, true.

The morning is all these things, another gift so often taken for granted, ignored.

Inevitably the day ahead will not remain peaceful, but we have the strength those early, precious moments provided, and God-willing, tomorrow morning and its gifts is just a short time away.


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