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From the desk of Lauren Palmer

Today my story has an extra special place in my heart because of the great amount of love and respect I have for the subject. For those of you who have been with TAOLB from the beginning, you will remember that my original photographer, the one who gave a face to my words each week, was named Patrizia Montanari, and that her husband’s new job with Adidas eventually took her family from McKinney to Portland, Oregon in the Spring of 2017. Although sad to leave friends, her adventurous spirit welcomed the move, no doubt excited see Portland through the lens of her camera. You can read my tribute to Patrizia here.

I know there are a few of you that were lucky enough to have known Patrizia when she was still a McKinney resident, and those few won’t be surprised to learn that our dearest one has now added fashion designer to her resume. Patrizia Montanari Brand launched last month with an 8-piece assortment offering professional, fluid lines that can take the wearer from work to play. What makes these pieces so unique, so uniquely Patrizia that is, are the season-less, gender-less and size free qualities. Strictly speaking, they are garments to be worn by people. And much like the soul of their creator, these garments are timeless and give so much to those they touch.

Last year after moving to Portland, Patrizia began thinking about clothing style and how it relates to function. As a photographer, black is the preferred color as it won’t reflect light in the subjects she captures. It also needs to be loose and non-restrictive to allow for easy movement, as well as professional in style. “Once photo shoots are wrapped, I’m often asked to go out for cocktails with my clients, but after a long day in the studio, who has time or energy to go home and change?” Patrizia explained of a common dilemma. She began speaking with several clients who own fashion houses, and eventually put pencil to paper to sketch her ideas.

Friends, you may not know this, but Patrizia is not just an incredibly talented photographer. She is a former visual merchandiser, stylist and artist. She studied figure drawing and painting at OTIS College in Los Angelas. Drawing and composition are connected with photography, and are key to understanding the basics of portrait photography. The transition from figure drawing to photography and back again has been very natural for Patrizia, and her designs prove it.

How beautiful is the ARTIST DRESS?




Patrizia Montanari Brand began by launching 8 pieces in late summer. Don’t forget, however, that her garments are season-less. Her motto is, No labels or boundaries will ever stop the power of styling. Regardless when ordered or taken off the hanger, these pieces are meant to be worn! For example, one of my favorite pieces in her collection is a long chambray shirtdress which would be stunning worn in the fall with leggings and boots. On the other hand, wear it open over a swimsuit in the spring and summer, “…allow my clothing to be whatever you need at the time,” Patrizia told me.



Every single one of you needs to visit Patrizia’s website, subscribe to her newsletter, and order a few pieces of her beautiful creations. Also, stay tuned to her social media pages: Instagram and Facebook because soon Patrizia will be taking custom orders for her line of crotched shawls. The best part? These shawls will be made by hand by the ladies in Patrizia’s immediate family in her hometown of Milano. Imagine the generations of women sitting by a large fireplace on an Italian farm, creating an exquisite masterpiece for you to wear. Chills, friends. Chills!

I am hosting a giveaway over on my Instagram page. One lucky winner will receive my favorite chambray shirtdress by Patrizia Montanari. Head over there for details!



To learn more about Lauren and The Art of Living Beautifully, please visit our ‘about’ page.

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