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Have you ever heard of Pass Along Flowers? I hadn’t either until this time last year when Sadie and I were discussing topics I could blog about that related to gardening.

Pass Along Flowers are basically plants or bulbs which are passed from friend to friend or from generation to generation. How wonderful is this concept!? In 1856 when my Mimi’s childhood home was built in Franklin County Texas, her great grandmother, Elizabeth Rogers, planted a few patches of Daffodil bulbs around the farmhouse. Today, one hundred and fifty nine years later, those daffodils cover acres and acres of the Drummond Farm. The never-ending butter yellow carpet of petals would take your breath away were you to find yourself driving North East on CR 4135  in Mt. Vernon, Texas this time of year. And thanks to my Master Gardener mother, many of those bulbs planted by her great great Grandmother have been transplanted to her garden here in McKinney.

At my first photo shoot for TAOLB last year. In order to look “natural” Sadie is telling me the history of these Daffodils freshly cut from her yard.


After I was married in 2006, she dug up some of the precious bulbs from her own yard and passed them along to me for Brian’s and my first home. After Mimi passed away in 2009, seeing those daffodils blooming in my back yard each Spring made me feel just a bit closer to her. I know if I were able to call her right now she would have some wonderful stories of her childhood memories with those daffodils. Maybe something like this one…

I’ll never forget one Spring when a 3 year old James was playing in the backyard with his friend, Caitlin. Although we could see them easily through the window, it wasn’t until they called us outside to see their creation was this memory made. Every single beautiful yellow petal had been picked from their stems and gathered in an obliging terra cotta pot as “gredients” for a delicious soup they had been making. I could have cried, and looked to heaven in exasperation. I knew my Mimi was laughing at her great grandson’s mischief, and I couldn’t help but join.

Those daffodils stayed at that house when we moved last summer, and I hope the new family has enjoyed them this Spring. Last week, Sadie dug up some more for me and I planted them in our new backyard. They won’t bloom until next year, but I’ve braided the remaining stems and tied them with twine which will feed the bulb over the next year.

Pass Along Flowers are an excellent way to document the gardening history of your family, brighten the day of a friend or even give you something fun and meaningful to do on a weekend. If you have a favorite perennial bulb or plant in your yard, why not pass it along for someone else to enjoy as well?

-ciao for now-


photo credit: Patrizia Montanari

PS. Sadie just told me a friend of my great great great grandmother’s gave her some Double Day Lilly Bulbs which were also planted at the Drummond House, and mom has since transplanted some to her garden. I think I’ve found our weekend project!

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