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The Art of Forgiveness

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Do you ever have a difficult time finding forgiveness--especially with someone who seems oblivious to the pain they caused or isn't sorry for their behavior? Or what if they think you were in the wrong? What if they don't care? How can...

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Artists and Chefs Show Screening

From the desk of Lauren Palmer Good morning my friends! Today I'm excited to announce that it is finally time for the sneak peek of Artists and Chefs! Remember back in January when I told you about this event featuring local artists and chefs at Gather in downtown...

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The Art of Sacrifice

From the desk of Lauren Palmer "I could never give up my Starbucks." "I love sugar too much." "I can't afford to save money, my life is too expensive." "I am not a morning person and could never get up early to go to the gym, or have a quiet time, or make my bed..."...

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